Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The High Violets Live: 06/11/07

Last night, we had the opportunity to walk across our street to a local rock venue for a band we featured almost a year ago. If you missed the original post on June 16, 2006, here ya go. [original review + download]. As some sort of consolation prize package for those who couldn't make it to the show, we found ourselves involved in this wonderfully dreamy little rock set and took a few photos to share. Before we start in with the pictures, please check The High Violets MySpace page for more music and info on the balance of live dates for the current tour. The High Violets website is currently being updated. We've added various MP3 tracks from the band's most recent Reverb Records release To Where You Are. so take a listen. Recording is already underway for a new album and we can't wait to get our hands on it!

We immediately spotted frontwoman/guitarist Kaitlyn ni Donovan and lead guitarist Clint Sargent having a beer as we walked into the bar. After a brief introduction and a round of beers with them, they took to the stage. These pictures are dark, as usual, and a bit blurry where Kaitlyn is concerned since she was fairly active on stage. Click the pictures for a full view and just know... this band was excellent live.

MP3: Love Is Blinding

From stage left...

MP3: Sun Baby

From Stage Right...

MP3: Invitation

This would most definitely be our favorite picture of the evening. After the set, another round of beers and drummer Luke Strahota decides to take the weight off his feet for a photo with us. The High Violets & Milk Milk Lemonade... Great stuff.

If you live west of us and get the chance, check out a live show before they make their way back home to Portland, Oregon.

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Luke Strahota said...

It was a pleasure getting to meet you guys!!! Thanks for the support, great conversation, and awesome photos.

See you next time and stay fabulous,