Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Cynics

We've hardly had a chance to sit down and post anything here lately. When the odd chance happens to present itself, I usually end up checking other blogs to see what is happening. This time, we visit one of our more recent favorites around the blogosphere. In case you hadn't checked the links on the right side of our page, NEVVER is an excellent stop on your daily travels. Instead of the prolonged ramble you endure on most sites (including our own), there is simply one song and a single picture submitted...per day. I checked in last week and was blown away to find a regional favorite from my college days many years ago. That's How I Feel is from the 1994 LP Get Our Way which was released on guitarist/backing vocalist Gregg Kostelich's own label Get Hip Recordings (Get Hip MySpace.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania artists The Cynics have been around since the early 80s, but I only first experienced their sound 10 years later while shopping at a thrift/record store in Athens, Ohio. I purchased a then brand new copy of their 1993 album Learn To Lose that same day and still love it. The Cynics called it quits sometime during the end of the 90s but have since returned with an appearance at SXSW 2007 and an upcoming release in Living Is The Best Revenge. To hear more outstanding garage rock, get additional info and view a few videos, check out The Cynics MySpace.

From the LP: Get Our Way (1994):
MP3: That's How I Feel

From the LP: Learn To Lose (1993):
MP3: How Could I

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AmyMeacham said...

They came to Atlanta a few years ago and their live show blasted me into outer space, which almost never happens at a garage show. The studio stuff just doesn't do them justice.