Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MML: Indie Classics Vol. 2 (Minneapolis)

Hopefully, a few of you had a chance to check out our first indie classics post (1985 - 1986) in March [original feature + downloads]. For those who did and were wondering, we will most definitely be following up, however random and sporadic the updates may seem. Today we jump all over the time line, but at least were able to stay within the same city to do so. The now famous Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota music scene of the 1980s was one of the first I was fortunate enough to discover as a teen and continues to influence my own taste as well as the music of indie/garage bands all over the world. It always surprises me to find that many people are not aware of post 80s music from this city, so we thought it compulsory to add subsequent projects of artists from the early to mid 1990s who were a part of the original scene. Don't expect much in the way of historical blather this time... There are links below for your own investigation. Enjoy the music and YouTube videos. Oh yes, and also please give MML a heads up on new music from the Twin Cities. We would love to listen.

Soul Asylum

Yes... I still have my original cassette tape of Time's Incinerator from 1986, but after repairing it with nail polish multiple times over the past 20 years, I am afraid to report that it might finally be toast. It was an amazing compilation of b-sides and gems that really should be re-released, if only for my own benefit. That same year, the band that once called themselves Loud Fast Rules released two full length albums in Made To Be Broken (produced by Bob Mould) and While You Were Out. These two records were a staple of my late teenage music experience and remain an excellent listen to this day. The last cassette I can remember owning, as part of my collection, was the 1988 release Hang Time which is also a must-have. The unfortunate media blitz (depending on whose bank balance you check) started with MTV somewhere between the 1990 breakthrough ...And The Horse They Rode in On and a follow up you are probably far too familiar with. After a revolving cast of percussionists and the tragic cancer death of bassist Karl Mueller in 2005, plenty of folks might have written Soul Asylum into the books, but there is a current lineup for the band and the links are listed below. Just do yourself a huge favor and listen to the early stuff first.

From the January 1986 release Made To Be Broken:
MP3: Tied To The Tracks

From the November 1986 release While You Were Out:
MP3: Closer To The Stars

Soul Asylum Website
Soul Asylum MySpace

The Magnolias

I'm not sure that there has ever been a more over-looked or under-appreciated Minneapolis band than The Magnolias. Ok ok, that might be quite an overstatement, but when I listen to these songs again, I have to wonder why this band never really stumbled to ridiculous heights as did some of the other acts (see above) from the area. Maybe that's a good thing? I originally heard the first featured track on an NPR affiliate station in a car on the way to my first year of college in Athens, Ohio. It was 1992 and the album Off The Hook had just been released. The band had been in existence since 1984 but this was my first exposure to them. After a few years of this album on my stereo blasting as neighbors and college party going guests inspected the inner sleeve, I finally left it to rest. It wasn't until a few years later that I would be horrified by a major television advertisement campaign with the song Complicated Fun as its theme jingle. All this aside, John Freeman (guitar, vocals) and his constant rotation of band mates continue, with their latest performance I am aware of being SXSW 2006. Off The Hook remains one of my favorite gems of the early 90s... take a listen.

From the 1992 release Off The Hook:
MP3: When I'm Not

From the 1996 release Street Date Tuesday:
MP3: Even Without You

The Magnolias Website
The Magnolias MySpace Fan Page

The Replacements

Last year we posted a brief review of another Minneapolis favorite [original feature + download]. As a follow up, we wanted to post what I think is a fairly unnoticed YouTube video of two songs performed live in 1981. The video is an absolute must-view and the songs just so happen to be a couple of the best I can remember from the early 80s catalogue of The Replacements. As a bonus, I've added a track from the 1992 solo release Horseshoes & Hand Grenades from ex-Mats drummer Chris Mars.

The Replacements MySpace Fan Page
The Replacements Fansite

From the 1992 Chris Mars release Horseshoes & Handgrenades:
MP3: Reverse Status

Chris Mars Website

Hüsker Dü

How could I end this without giving you a classic video of my favorite band of all time?

This leaves me speechless...


Matt said...

Im on dial up so I wont take the time to d/l the YouTube video, but it looks like Husker Du performing Eight Miles High. If it is, it does indeed blow me away too. One of my favorites!

Roger Dodger said...

I'm from Minneapolis, and these are indeed the cream of the crop.

There are some bands that are up and coming in the area that are excellent. That you should check out if you haven't already.

The Plastic Constellations
Down and Above
All The Way Rider
Bridge Club

Those are some excellent bands making some great music here in the Twin Cities.

4casey4 said...

Thanks for the heads up on the bands... I meant to include The Grant Hart (Nova Mob) song "Little Miss Information" to this post. I was tired and forgot to add it. I think I watched that Husker video at least 10 times when I found it.


Madame Courtney Whiny Complainy Pants, Esq. said...

yeah, that Du video was hot.

Lizzy said...

halloween, alaska is a superb band from minneapolis...



Lizzy said...

ahhh i've got more...

Chris Koza
White Light Riot
the Alarmists
Kid Dakota
This World Fair

Mr Rossy said...

Wow, feckin awesome !!!
Never heard of The Magnolias but that song is just great.
I'm fairly obssessed with 90's bands, so thanks for my fix !!

Super blog !!!