Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sorting the Shoe(gaze) Cupboard

It honestly came as a complete surprise when we found our blog listed on several other websites as being shoegaze-related. Don't get me wrong, it is very much appreciated. It just got us thinking that it might be a good idea to go back and sort through our posts and figure out how we earned this particular distinction. After spending some time listening and falling in love all over again, it became obvious we needed to do something about it. To be clear, some of these songs are not pure shoegaze by classic or even nouveau standards, but there is enough of an influence involved to include them. In any case, this will serve as a quick reference and entertaining way to waste a few moments of your time... These are some of our favorites.

Asobi Seksu

Website & MySpace
MP3: New Years
MP3: Red Sea


Website & MySpace
MP3: Temptation By Your Side

The Black Watch

Website & MySpace
MP3: Williamsburg

Broken Robots

Website & MySpace
MP3: 1.2 Million Candle Power

C'est La Mort

Website & MySpace
MP3: Collapse (With Silence)


Website & MySpace
MP3: Scarytale

Dah Da Candy

Website & MySpace
MP3: Red Flower

Daylight's For The Birds

MP3: To No One

Drop Nineteens

Fan MySpace
MP3: Kick The Tragedy


Website & MySpace
MP3: Walking Tour of Space

For Those Who Know

Website & MySpace
MP3: Night At The Dance Club


Website & MySpace
MP3: Object Lessons


MP3: February Fourteenth


Website & MySpace
MP3: Yuriko

My Bloody Valentine

Fansite & Fan MySpace
MP3: By The Danger In Your Eyes

Panda Riot

Website & MySpace
MP3: She Dares All Things


Website & MySpace
MP3: Context


Fansite & Fan MySpace
MP3: Today


Website & MySpace
MP3: Blanket of Stars

Secret Shine

Website & MySpace
MP3: Deep Thinker

The Sky Drops

Website & MySpace
MP3: Million
MP3: Now Would Be
MP3: Sentimental


Fansite & Fan MySpace
MP3: Alison

Spotlight Kid

Website & MySpace
MP3: Can't Let Go (This Feeling)


Website & MySpace
MP3: In Your Arsenal
MP3: Pure Gold Reason


Website & MySpace
MP3: Aidan Quinn

The Twilight Sad

MP3: ... and she would darken the memory of youth


Mr Rossy said...

OMG, this is an amazing post, thanks for all this shoegazer madness..spotlight kid are my favs

pplist said...

Superb post! I won't be looking up for weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stefan said...

Good Job! :)