Thursday, May 03, 2007

Love Dance

For a band that has little information available on the internet about them, Bergen, Norway indie pop outfit Love Dance is getting plenty of attention from bloggers and music resource-type folks alike. After checking a few reviews at For The Eardrums, Indie Rock Mag (French) and Skatterbrain, I have to admit I was also hooked. The Sarah Records and/or shoegaze comparison might be a bit much of a stretch, but I will definitely agree with previous reviewers that this really is some of the best indie pop released so far this year. There is no Love Dance MySpace page that I am aware of, and the Love Dance website is nothing more than a blurry page with two email addresses listed , but if you go to this older Q&A bio there is at least some basic info. The first song featured below is part of the bands new 2007 full length release titled Result. There is also a track from their debut 2005 single for your review. Both were released by German label Marsh Marigold and are also available for purchase from Poppolar Records. Go ahead and list me among the growing number of bloggers who highly recommend this band.

From the full-length 10 song 2007 album "Result"
MP3: Losing Faith

From the 4 song 2005 single "You Should Know Where I'm Standing"
MP3: Stay Handsome

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