Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LUFF: Maybe It's Just Sleeping (EP)

It's almost impossible to believe that nearly five years have passed since we first opened our battered old mailbox to find an envelope containing the music of today's featured artist. Originally spotlighted in June 2007, with their self-released full-length album Blanket Ice, Brooklyn, New York based outfit LUFF eased into our collective spine with the hum of heavy guitars to highlight some of the most beautifully warm female vocals ever to echo from this little page. Since our previous review, the lineup has been updated, with founding musician Sheila Sobolewski (guitar, vocals) enlisting the instrumental assistance of Robin Pickering (guitar), Aleks Gylys (drums) and Mike Hurst (bass) to complete the full band. With this in mind, we are now more than giddy to report a new single that happens to be our first exposure to an upcoming EP release. Have an extended and repeated listening session before we continue...

From the April 2012 EP Maybe It's Just Sleeping
MP3: Through Here Like Our Fathers

With a distinct and consistent sound that contains every low-key ounce of dry melody that left us smitten years ago, LUFF now presents a lovely preview of their new album, set to be titled Maybe It's Just Sleeping, which should finally be made available for consumption on April 3. The subject matter is based, and music written, on the back of recent personal tragedies among band members, so expect celebratory hints of life and an honest look at death threaded into each turn of the music. For a preview of an accompanying music video for the new single Through Here Like Our Fathers, please check out the following teaser. It was directed by award-winning Leah Meyerhoff and is very well done. We are most certainly looking forward to the new EP.

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