Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Blanket Ghost

Daryl Goerner is an Austin, Texas-based multi-instrumental/media artist who has a pair of long-time music projects we've only recently had the fortune of discovering. For the purpose of today's feature, we bring you The Blanket Ghost, an undertaking of his dating back to 2005. Utilizing a procession of old keyboards, laptop and a guitar on loan, Goerner composes a brilliant mixture of musical turns that find our welcome ears pressurised by ongoing transitions from well undersea to above the clouds with each vocal interlude. The sounds we are currently experiencing can probably best be described by the artist himself...

"The majority of songs recorded feature very simple song structures with more emphasis placed on the true essence of the sounds committed to tape. These are not pop songs, these are rudimentary ideas and feelings I've had that somehow made it from my head to your ears. Everything is recorded at home holed up in a 1950's boarding house turned apartments across the street from Pease Park in Austin,TX. "

Little Flower is the title of an upcoming EP that includes three lovely songs, one of which can be heard front and center, as a swimming introduction to what can be expected upon release date. For previous musical offerings, including The Light Years (2005-2009) and Halls EP (2010) along with available artwork, visit the Little Flower website. Before we neglect to mention it, Daryl Goerner also maintains a sister music project in Mejetairliner which is very much worth checking into. For now, we leave you with a first listen to a brand new track from The Blanket Ghost. The EP title might suggest, and we certainly hope, that there might be a follow up in some full-length form, or at least a few additional seeds germinating in the soil.

MP3: l o o k a t t h e s t a r s

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Never Setting Suns

Almost exactly two months ago (March 20, 2010) we presented an introduction to favourite regional music venue The Southgate House along with an impressive local trio that was to perform live that very same night. Since our original mention, the band was lovely enough to forward their brand new release to our weather-battered mailbox and we've been absorbing their sounds for the better part of a week now. Not just listening through our little computer speakers, but during daily travels around town at high volumes in the car, which lends added relevance to the music since the band is made up of local musicians. Enter Corey Larrison (vocals, guitar), Chris Courts (bass) and Tyler Griffin (percussion), the Cincinnati, Ohio three piece known as The Never Setting Suns who have a new full-length album to share titled And Now We're Not Alone. Before we go any further, let's have a listen to the very first track from this most recent collection of songs... shall we?

MP3: Made Of Hearts & Four Leaf Clovers

For those not already listening, this song is an excellent introduction for And Now We're Not Alone and a good indication of what can be expected from the balance of music contained within. Aside from the various catch-laden song structures involved, one of the more exceptional aspects of this album is the bands ability to avoid timeworn bells and whistles or any distracting veil of noise in the name of experimentation. Instead, this straightforward guitar-centered rock remains consistent and building from the warm inspiration of classic artists, specifically Neil Young, into open-ended flurries of distortion pedal goodness equally influenced by a more recent crop of artists. The next track we have from the album is actually titled after a favourite Texas-based outfit of theirs... and ours. Enjoy.

MP3: Explosions In The Sky

If previously unfamiliar with The Never Setting Suns, now might be a perfect time to get to know them. A great young band from right here in the Queen City.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Duchesses

Sydney, Australia-based four piece The Duchesses have thrown our collective senses into seasonal turmoil in the best way possible. A sound that could easily find us escaping snow drifts in exchange for the warmth of a dank pub also sends us searching for our ratty old blanket from which a sweltering outdoor music festival can be enjoyed during summer months. Call it the difference between arbitrary genre-terms psychedelic and shoegaze, or the alignment of stars where both are in harmony. Either way, we have another gem to share here. The brand new, debut full-length album was self-released around a week or so ago and is currently available by visiting the linked band name above or An upcoming pair of local live performance dates will take place, beginning on May 27 at Leichhardt venue The Wall, complimented by a June 9 appearance at Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst. The following preview from this new album should give regular MML visitors a good idea of what to expect. Enjoy.

MP3: Better Than You

Monday, May 10, 2010

Birds of California

West Haven, Connecticut-based Tweefort Records is currently planning a name change to February Records this summer, but the transition seems to be having no effect on the frequency of quality releases from regional and international artists. One of the latest offerings we've spent a great deal of time listening to is a brand new three track single from six-piece music collective Birds Of California. The musicians involved in this project are listed as Tim Brown (guitar, vocals) and Donna McKean (bass, vocals) of former incarnation Lunchbox, Stewart Anderson (drums) from Boyracer, as well as Amr Toppozada (guitar, moog), Jeremy Goody (horns, keyboard) and Ron McKean (piano, organ) to complete the full band. Their impressive single, aptly titled Great Expectations, is freely downloadable by visiting our above-mentioned links for the Tweefort/February label. For those who haven't already skipped ahead to listen, be prepared for a clean, yet surprisingly warm take on mod/britpop balanced by a respectable level of shoegaze-influenced and downright fuzzed-out guitar backdrop. Add in the simple accompaniment of horns and we are now smitten. Not entirely sure we've ever experienced this particular combination of sounds, but the result is just lovely. Birds Of California...

MP3: Laugh Out Loud

Sunday, May 02, 2010


In maintaining this little music blog, it only stands to reason that plenty of artists will end up having similar musical tastes to our very own. In the case of today's featured band, the listed influences raised more than a couple of eyebrows and ears straight away. Any mention of Mr. Robert Pollard is a special thing, but when the very next music reference is Bob Mould (specifically Sugar: see November 2007 tribute post) you can pretty much guarantee our undivided attention will be captured for at least an initial listen. This time around, we have an impressive one to share with our regular visitors. Picnic is the trio of Piero Punzi (vocals, guitars), Nicola Scandone (bass, vocals) and Stefano Iannone (drums, vocals) from Salerno, Italy. Although these three musicians have been performing together since school days, there have been no recording sessions in a proper studio. Instead, they've created a brilliant full-length collection of bedroom-recorded tracks, titled See Seldom, Soon Forget, that have yet to be released on any regional or international label. While the songs have a decided GBV quality that is easily spotted, the peripheral influence in no way overwhelms the unique sound of this band. Additional listening and information can be found by visiting the Picnic MySpace page. A pair of previewable gems from the See Seldom, Soon Forget LP to follow for your enjoyment. Yes, we love them.

MP3: The Useless Band
MP3: First Feeling