Saturday, March 20, 2010

Southgate House: The Never Setting Suns 3/20

Upon relocating to Cincinnati, Ohio back at the beginning of 2007, one of our very first questions for local residents was a simple one. Are there any good places to check out live music in town? The recommendation we received, more often than not, was to travel over the Ohio River into Newport, Kentucky for a visit to The Historic Southgate House. We must have asked just the right people. Built two years after the war of 1812 by British prisoners, this beautiful home was once visited by soon-to-be President Abraham Lincoln and later the birthplace of John Tariaferro Thompson, inventor of the 'Tommy Gun' (more history here). Since that time, the original structure has been converted into a multi-stage music venue including a cozy lounge, substantial ballroom, intimate second floor parlour and third floor art gallery to compliment most any type of event. After having spent the past three years frequenting SGH for various live performance dates, we've found not only a favourite local spot for music, but one of the most unique venues in the entire United States. For this reason, we have decided to begin presenting regular updates for local, regional and visiting musicians who happen to grace any given stage within this historic and downright lovely old pile of bricks. No better time than the present to get started...

The Never Setting Suns

Cincinnati, Ohio-based trio of musicians Corey Larrison (vocals, guitar), Chris Courts (bass) and Tyler Griffin (percussion) make up The Never Setting Suns who happen to be front and center at Southgate House this evening for their record release party. The album, titled And Now We're Not Alone, was recorded last summer at local Cincinnati studio Ultrasuede with producer Gary Shell and engineer Chad Wahlbrink both lending their talents to the finished product. Now having listened to the impressive preview track we have featured, as well as a pair of additional songs on The Never Setting Suns MySpace page, our curiosity is very much piqued. Could the crisp, clear and frequent transitions in song structure be an influence stemming from fIREHOSE? Are the teetering vocals an homage to David Thomas of Pere Ubu? These questions, however ear-provoking, can probably be postponed as the band presents a sound that forges a path of its own with this new release. Tonight's show opens at 8:00 pm so be sure to arrive early as local bands Charlie Hustle and Irela will be performing as well. Looking forward to it.

MP3: What The Earth Can't Hold

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