Monday, March 01, 2010

Tennis System

The term "psychedelic" seems to have gradually taken firm hold with artists and new fans of a time-honoured mid/late 1980s swirling guitar sound we continue to mention as "shoegaze". Not a single thing wrong with the generational shift in music classification... just an amusing observation that leaves us feeling a bit old. All genre discussion aside, we bring you a serious listening treat in Washington, DC four-piece Tennis System who have recently made available a full-length debut album titled The Future Of Our History. With repeated listens to only a handful of songs belonging to this new release, our attention was immediately drawn to the driving bass lines, gentle vocal accompaniment and a building guitar presence that could easily please the most insufferable purist. Give this track a listen...


As it turns out, the band will be making their way through the midwest with a March 15 stop just down the road at Lexington, Kentucky salon/art haus The Hive along with Philadelphia based outfit (The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope who we featured almost four years ago in May 2006. A road trip might just be in order for this show.

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