Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Ex-Girlfriends Club

Oddly enough, setting foot into an unfamiliar music venue still leaves us distracted by the compulsory grotty black carpet, tangled rope lights and occasional waft of patchouli drifting from a booth along the wall. It never gets old but, truth be told, one of our favourite preoccupations is music that emanates from the PA system before, between and after sets. In most cases, the selections are classic or easily recognizable while, in other instances, we end up humming random anthems from bands we don't know at all on the way home in our car. Enter tonight's featured music project which could easily be a favourite sound from either the main stage or a demo CD left behind the bar. The Ex-Girlfriends Club are a Portland, Oregon-based music collective that have an impressive self-titled debut EP that will be released next Tuesday, March 2. Although the band members seem to be listed by nickname only for now, we will make mention of a little connection with local PDX band Saturna (originally featured here in April 2007...shhh!) and ask that you join us, bottle in bag, for an especially thick coat of sparkle-blue nail varnish and listen to this raucous, glam-tastic loveliness.

MP3: Your Prescription
MP3: Tower

Yes, we are now officially in love with this band and hope you have a similar experience (with or without nail decoration). The next live performance will take place Friday, February 26 at long-time Portland venue East End. Aside from this event, you can find more music for listening and information on the upcoming EP by visiting the following links...

The Ex-Girlfriends Club website
The Ex-Girlfriends Club blog
The Ex-Girlfriends Club MySpace

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this is good! How or where can I buy a copy of their CD? Who is relasing it? Thanks! :)