Sunday, May 31, 2009

Three from!

So we made our way back to the States in one piece and have been unpacking our belongings while sorting through a mountain of emails for the past week. Finally, we are all settled in with an impressive assortment of new music and decided on the perfect way to kick-start our beloved MML blog once again. Plenty of our regular visitors are already familiar with Swedish label Labrador Records, but if you haven't been keeping up with some of the more recent and/or upcoming releases, there are definite treats in store for your ears. All of the artists are based in and around Stockholm, Sweden with each of them having a unique take on pop music that finds us addicted. Enjoy and be sure to offer support for the ones you might just fall in love with.

The Radio Dept.

After two years of delay, The Radio Dept. are set to release their 3rd album Clinging To A Scheme a bit later in 2009 and the single David will be available in just under a month. All you have to do is listen in order to understand how TRD have managed to maintain their popularity over the years. Just plain lovely.

Release: Clinging To A Scheme (LP)
MP3: David

Little Big Adventure

Named after a mid-90s video game, Little Big Adventure offers a playful collection of songs with their brand new debut EP The Hateful Eye. Although the balance of music found within this new release escapes traditional comparisons, the title track might have you thinking heavily in the direction of New Order with just the slightest hint of Black Celebration-era Depeche Mode incorporated for good measure. Have a listen...

Release: The Hateful Eye (EP)
MP3: The Hateful Eye

The Legends

We originally featured Johan Angergård and his music project The Legends back in November 2008 and the album Over And Over has since been released. The second single from this impressive full-length offering is now available for preview and is probably one of our favourite releases from the past year or so. Try to find a more beautiful example of noise-pop... we challenge you.

Release: Over And Over (LP)
MP3: Always The Same

Sunday, May 10, 2009

MML Vacation Mix: Bliss City East, Embarrassing Fruits, The Wagner Logic, Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities

Your friendly MML curators have taken it upon themselves to scratch enough pocket change/frequent flyer miles together in order to depart from the formerly-evil empire we now call home for a visit with family and friends in and around London, UK. Although our itinerary remains mostly unclear (pubs), we can at least give a heads-up on an evening we have excitedly set aside. Front and center will be our location on May 22 as Miles Hunt takes the stage with his long-time band The Wonder Stuff [Stuffies MySpace] (including the fiddle-tastic accompaniment of Erica Nockalls) at London venue Shepherd's Bush Empire. If you can find us milling around the stage and the exchange rate maintains its current level, expect us to buy you a beer for spotting the out'o'town music bloggers *Disclaimer: Beers may or may not be purchased from this O2-sponsored venue and are limited to one or fewer per stalker*.

For now, we bring you a sampling of impressive bands we have been paying a considerable amount of attention to in recent days away from the computer. Enjoy and know that we will miss you for the next two weeks. B'bye.

Bliss City East

Our friend and long-time shoegaze guru Perry, from Chicago, Illinois, has taken a sound he fashioned back in the early 90s with his band Skylight (who we featured in March and September of 2008) and created a simple yet beautiful new music project in Bliss City East. We originally presented this as a solo undertaking in December 2008, but now Perry (guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, programming, drums, vocals) has enlisted a full band with musicians Reuben Chew (guitars), Gail (bass guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Kim (vocals, keyboards) to complete the lineup. A brand new soon-to-be-titled EP is set for release this summer and there will be a limited tour to coincide starting July 10 at Chicago/Ukrainian Village venue Darkroom. Two new previews for you:

MP3: City Song
MP3: Happy Ending

Embarrassing Fruits

For those somewhat familiar with the history of the Chapel Hill, North Carolina music scene, this particular portion of today's feature will be an easy sound to recognize. In keeping with local tradition and presenting what could easily overshadow any big/new Merge sensation, the trio of Joe Norkus (guitar, vocals), John Neville (drums) and Lee Shaw (bass, vocals) of Embarrassing Fruits have managed to steal our collective ear. The band's debut, full-length album, titled Community/Exploitation, was released through Chapel Hill label Trekky Records just over a month ago and is well worth a few moments or even hours of your time. The next live performance will take place May 15 at local private-membership club Nightlight. If we end up doing a "best of" feature for 2009, you can place a safe bet this album will make the list.

MP3: Corner

The Wagner Logic

The Wagner Logic is a duo consisting of Jeremy Wagner (vocals, guitar) and James Glaves (vocals, guitar, drums) from Kasilof, Alaska. Although we find ourselves exploring various locations around the planet for new music, I am fairly certain this northernmost tip of the states and/or continent is a first for our little MML music blog. The understated guitars swirl responsibly while providing a dream-inducing, yet wonderfully dreary backdrop for whispering vocals that seem to emanate from a dank basement... exactly what we needed today. The track below will most likely be a part of the upcoming, yet-to-be-titled release through Wilderhood Records in the next month or so. To keep up to date with the band and listen to more music, we suggest a visit to The Wagner Logic MySpace page. Great stuff.

MP3: All In Good Time

Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities

As a parting listen, we have one of the sweetest songs in recent memory from Missoula, Montana (and/or Brooklyn New York) musician Jasmine Dreame Wagner. Her music project is Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities and the song featured today belongs to the latest full-length album, titled Searchlight Needles, which was recently released through Missoula label For Arbors For Satellites. The next live performance will take place May 12 at local venue The Laboratory as Jasmine kicks off a string of summer dates that will bring her through the Great Lakes (midwest to us) region and beyond. For a list of tour stops along the way and to get an earful of what has us completely smitten, stop in for a visit to the Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities MySpace page. Yeah, it really is that good.

MP3: Owllullaby

What a way to close up shop for a couple of weeks ah? We will return on or shortly after Memorial Day depending on the whole jetlag/boozelag situation. Much Love from Casey & Michelle xoxo.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meeting Of Important People

Once again, we have the chance to keep our promise in following up on a previously featured artist with an impressive full-length release that was recently made available. Our original review of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania trio Meeting Of Important People took place in November 2008. Since that time, band members Aaron Bubenheim (bass, vocals), Matt Miller (drums, piano, vocals) and Josh Verbanets (lead vocals, guitar) have been quite the busy bees, completing their self-titled debut offering. In case you are not familiar with today's featured band or have yet to hear this new album, the song structures exist within a respectable tree-lined indie neighborhood, but in that guitar-haunted old corner home which sounds quite a bit different from its surrounding neighbors. Gloomy? Not at all... in fact, you just might find this new MOIP collection of music a perfect soundtrack for the warm change of seasons at hand. The next live performance will take place Thursday, May 7 in Pittsburgh as MOIP is showcased as part of the City Paper Remixed event at local WYEP Community Broadcast Center. Have a listen to the lead track from the debut album and contact them directly for a copy. Great stuff.

MP3: Brittney Lane Don't Care