Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meeting Of Important People

Once again, we have the chance to keep our promise in following up on a previously featured artist with an impressive full-length release that was recently made available. Our original review of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania trio Meeting Of Important People took place in November 2008. Since that time, band members Aaron Bubenheim (bass, vocals), Matt Miller (drums, piano, vocals) and Josh Verbanets (lead vocals, guitar) have been quite the busy bees, completing their self-titled debut offering. In case you are not familiar with today's featured band or have yet to hear this new album, the song structures exist within a respectable tree-lined indie neighborhood, but in that guitar-haunted old corner home which sounds quite a bit different from its surrounding neighbors. Gloomy? Not at all... in fact, you just might find this new MOIP collection of music a perfect soundtrack for the warm change of seasons at hand. The next live performance will take place Thursday, May 7 in Pittsburgh as MOIP is showcased as part of the City Paper Remixed event at local WYEP Community Broadcast Center. Have a listen to the lead track from the debut album and contact them directly for a copy. Great stuff.

MP3: Brittney Lane Don't Care

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