Friday, December 28, 2007

Strip Squad: Two New Tracks!

Earlier today another end-of-year treat made its way into our email inbox, so we happily decided to take a break from our "break" to share the music. The first Strip Squad feature on MML happened well over a year and a half ago [March 2006] and we were beginning to wonder if they had simply disappeared since that time. Not a chance. The band is back with what I think is most of the original five piece lineup and some big plans for 2008. As a follow up to their previous album "The Adventures Of Strip Squad", there will be a new release at some point during the summer of next year. Also planned around the same time is a tour of Estonia that might spill into few other countries and a Swedish music festival if they can pull it together. Since the Strip Squad website server is currently down for repair, you will need to check the Strip Squad MySpace page for more info. Both the new and older songs are a perversely darling listen that gives us a guilty appreciation for the band's motto "Too vulgar to be twee". Let's get started with the new music.

MP3: Damn You
MP3: You Cream My Pants

Perverted Bonus: Three tracks from the previously released gem "The Adventures Of Strip Squad".

MP3: Pervert/Expert
MP3: Unreliable Narrator
MP3: If You Don't Take Me Right Away You Might As Well Fuck Off

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Loyal Trooper: New Demos!

In case you hadn't noticed, our holiday slow-down at MML is well underway as this year's consumer duties approach the automatic sliding doors and and elderly greeter-types involved with last minute hunting/gathering. We've received plenty of gifts from previously featured musicians so far this season and have another treat to share with you today. Earlier this year, we featured London, UK based artist Andy Walker and his music project The Loyal Trooper [August 07 review + download]. As a follow up, we received a message from Andy a few days ago regarding some new rough demo tracks he'd been working on for 2008. We receive demos to check out quite often and, to be honest, there are usually more than a few that need to be left aside for further polish or the rubbish bin. In this case, there was not a single track we could omit from our feature. The new songs, finished or not, are worthy of any upcoming release that may be in the works for next year. If you are familiar with previous material from The Loyal Trooper, you will immediately notice a more stripped down sound as Andy takes a break from spoken-through guitar pop to pursue an intimate new acoustic flavor. The next live performance will take place January 9 at Braintree, (Essex) UK venue/wine bar HOGS, kicking off a string of regional UK dates you can find listed on The Loyal Trooper MySpace page. Look for a big feature on Mr. Walker once 2008 gets rolling and be sure to check out the following demos...

MP3: Nottingham Wasn't Built For Me
MP3: Okay At Best
MP3: For Another Day
MP3: The Holloway To Beeston Express

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Low Scores

Lately on MML, the back and forth rotation of experimental electronica and guitar based rock has (hopefully) become a complementary mix of music. However unlikely that may seem to some, it's exactly what we had in mind when starting things here a couple of years ago. Today's featured artist confirms our evolving notion that live instrumentation, when manipulated proficiently, escapes the usual saddles involved with traditional genre classification. Low Scores is the decade long music project of a multi-instrumentalist named Nicholas from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The tracks are created with an initial platform building from something as simple as a bassline into an accompaniment of programmed synth/drums, open tuned guitars and various field recordings as needed. Black Tape, the latest track from Low Scores, was made available a week ago as a finished product (for now) that will end up belonging to an upcoming EP early in 2008. This is a highly recommended listen.

MP3: Black Tape

Oh yes...there's more. Earlier this year, a trio of EPs were released within a week of one another for download only. Although never properly pressed, the following tracks are taken from each one and might give you a more complete idea of why we are so impressed here. When visiting the Low Scores MySpace page, be sure to check out the blog section where you will find a ton of downloadable music including zip files for all three EPs. The Low Scores website is currently under construction, but there is an additional remix/collaboration with Houston, Texas based musician Stenographer, titled "teenacide", you might also want to check out. More good stuff for listening follows... enjoy.

From the July 2007 EP Young Frise:
MP3: Lost Days
From the July 2007 EP Trapper/Keeper:
MP3: Trapper Keeper
From the July 2007 EP Blix:
MP3: Once Again

Monday, December 10, 2007

MML: Poetry For The Winter

The holiday season is becoming very busy for the MML family and there hasn't been much time to feature music here. Oh, and this might also be the worst color scheme we've come up with yet... sooo, unless you are prone to epileptic seizures or migraines, please think of our festive post as a Christmas card from your Grandmother (only without the $20 inside). Our first big thank you goes out to Antonia Pehrson and her music project Komon. The original thought for this multi-feature entered our heads when she offered (and we listened to) our new favorite 2007 holiday song. Monika Bullette of The Sky Drops and legendary musician Hangnail Phillips were also nice enough to bring back the goods in the form of a duet from last year. Then there is the very cool (NSFW) track that was sent from our new friend Allison Apperson of Richmond, Virginia based outfit Hot Lava. This song has been stuck in my head for days now and the word "Wii" has been replaced many times over [insert cat name] as our felines make their hourly attempt to avoid my chase. We've thrown in some classics from the previous couple of years to complete things so the audio quality might change from one track to the next. Just adjust your volume, enjoy the music and know that we love (or at least wish no specific ill upon) each and every one of you who take the time to visit us. There will be more music to end the year so please stick around. Ho Ho Ho from Casey & Michelle!!


MP3: Poetry For The Winter

Cocteau Twins

MP3: Frosty The Snowman

Hot Lava

MP3: X-Mass Wii

Bullette & Hangnail Phillips

MP3: The Finest Gifts

Shonen Knife

MP3: Space Christmas

Eux Autres

MP3: Another Christmas At Home

Asobi Seksu

MP3: Merry Christmas/I Don't Want To Fight (Ramones cover)

Monika Bullette

MP3: Blue Christmas

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bob Mould: District Line/New Single

photo by Casey (2006)

December is well under way and we've been sorting through all of the music featured during 2007 for our year end roundup. This task will
need to be set aside for now as a preview from Bob Mould's upcoming February 2008 release District Line has surfaced over at From what I gather, after visiting Boblog, the track was originally supposed to be for listening only, but ended up available as a download to share with "everyone in the whole wide world". While we are not altogether certain whether Mr. Mould intended that as an open invitation or an amused chastisement, we are more than excited about the new full length release. If this track is any indication of what can be expected from the balance of music included within District Line, our Best of 2008 list will easily have its first strong contender. Take a moment or two for a listen to the lead single.

MP3: The Silence Between Us

The new album will be released through Los Angeles based Anti- Records on Feburary 2 and you will most definitely be able to pre-order it online. For updated news and all of the specifics regarding District Line, check into the Bob Mould website. A few tracks from the 2005 release Body Of Song (as well as a ton of other Bob fans) can also be found upon visiting the Bob Mould MySpace page. The Silence Between Us is a perfect first glimpse into the future of one of the most influential rock musicians of the past 30 years. Plenty of friends who visit our blog on a regular basis might agree that not many artists, with this much history or not, can consistently surpass any question of relevance in today's revolving-door music environment. This is about as good as it gets... an amazing holiday treat.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Small Colin

The weather prediction for Cincinnati tonight is snow, starting in an hour or so, and the excitement for us is growing. Seated on two chairs inside of our balcony window, we've been looking out over the Ohio River to see the first snowflakes drift down tonight. The ambient music of this evening's featured artist turned out to be the perfect compliment to our cocktails and simple festivities around the house. Small Colin (laptop, guitars, drumsticks) is an experimental musician, originally from Scotland, who now resides (and designs furniture) in Jönköping, Sweden. His brand new 5 song EP, titled Small Colin... Is An Athelete, was just released through Aachen, Germany based netlabel Electroreptil (Electroreptil MySpace) and includes the occasional vocal assistance of Daniel Larsson and Eyrún Thorhallsdottír. There is more music and information to be found on the Small Colin MySpace, and he also maintains a Small Colin blog to keep friends updated with details on current projects. For an endless gaze through an evening window, we highly recommend a listen to the minimalist, low-key electronica of today's featured musician... and here comes the snow.

MP3: We Have Denied...

*Related Bonus: A track from artist Radio Scotvoid (Radio Scotvoid MySpace) as remixed by Small Colin

MP3: Radio Scotvoid - I'm A Groover, Not A Raver (Small Colin Remix)

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Last Tuesday we received a message from today's featured artist giving us a heads-up on a new downloadable track to review. I've seriously been loving the song I checked out for a couple of days now and just this evening saw an announcement that Pitchfork had already taken a listen and reviewed the music. [insert expletive] I'd usually shy away after that, but the song is far too good and the band was nice enough so our itinerary will remain intact. Sybris is an indie rock quartet from Chicago, Illinois consisting of members Shawn Podgurski (vocals, bass), Phil Naumann (guitars), Angela Mullenhour (vocals, guitar), and Eric Mahle (drums). After forming in 2003 and with an east coast US tour that soon followed, the band released a self titled debut album through Flameshovel Records in 2005. Since that time, Sybris has been a busy buzz-tastic bee participating in numerous festivals and limited tours with national acts most of you are probably familiar with. The brand new track featured today will be a part of an upcoming, full length album set to be released early in 2008. Have a listen.

MP3: Oh Man!

From its sprightly beginnings, Oh Man! takes a winding path down into a slow driving flurry of guitar goodness only to jump back up into your lap for it's conclusion. This is all well and (more than) good but it was the unique near-vaudevillian vocals that captured most of our attention. Angela's voice finds an especially warm new place in our ear, existing somewhere between the stylings of Siouxsie Sioux and Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit. For more information and plenty of music, visit both the Sybris MySpace page and the Sybris website to get a good fix. The next live performance will take place December 13 when Sybris takes the stage along with Headlights at Milwaukee venue Cactus Club.

*Bonus: From the 2005 self titled debut release...
MP3: The Best Day In History In Ever

*Double Extra Secret Bonus (posted 12/2/07 @ 19:26): Another track from the upcoming 2008 full length release...
MP3: Something About A Darkhorse Or Whatever