Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Loyal Trooper: New Demos!

In case you hadn't noticed, our holiday slow-down at MML is well underway as this year's consumer duties approach the automatic sliding doors and and elderly greeter-types involved with last minute hunting/gathering. We've received plenty of gifts from previously featured musicians so far this season and have another treat to share with you today. Earlier this year, we featured London, UK based artist Andy Walker and his music project The Loyal Trooper [August 07 review + download]. As a follow up, we received a message from Andy a few days ago regarding some new rough demo tracks he'd been working on for 2008. We receive demos to check out quite often and, to be honest, there are usually more than a few that need to be left aside for further polish or the rubbish bin. In this case, there was not a single track we could omit from our feature. The new songs, finished or not, are worthy of any upcoming release that may be in the works for next year. If you are familiar with previous material from The Loyal Trooper, you will immediately notice a more stripped down sound as Andy takes a break from spoken-through guitar pop to pursue an intimate new acoustic flavor. The next live performance will take place January 9 at Braintree, (Essex) UK venue/wine bar HOGS, kicking off a string of regional UK dates you can find listed on The Loyal Trooper MySpace page. Look for a big feature on Mr. Walker once 2008 gets rolling and be sure to check out the following demos...

MP3: Nottingham Wasn't Built For Me
MP3: Okay At Best
MP3: For Another Day
MP3: The Holloway To Beeston Express

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