Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bob Mould: District Line/New Single

photo by Casey (2006)

December is well under way and we've been sorting through all of the music featured during 2007 for our year end roundup. This task will
need to be set aside for now as a preview from Bob Mould's upcoming February 2008 release District Line has surfaced over at From what I gather, after visiting Boblog, the track was originally supposed to be for listening only, but ended up available as a download to share with "everyone in the whole wide world". While we are not altogether certain whether Mr. Mould intended that as an open invitation or an amused chastisement, we are more than excited about the new full length release. If this track is any indication of what can be expected from the balance of music included within District Line, our Best of 2008 list will easily have its first strong contender. Take a moment or two for a listen to the lead single.

MP3: The Silence Between Us

The new album will be released through Los Angeles based Anti- Records on Feburary 2 and you will most definitely be able to pre-order it online. For updated news and all of the specifics regarding District Line, check into the Bob Mould website. A few tracks from the 2005 release Body Of Song (as well as a ton of other Bob fans) can also be found upon visiting the Bob Mould MySpace page. The Silence Between Us is a perfect first glimpse into the future of one of the most influential rock musicians of the past 30 years. Plenty of friends who visit our blog on a regular basis might agree that not many artists, with this much history or not, can consistently surpass any question of relevance in today's revolving-door music environment. This is about as good as it gets... an amazing holiday treat.


Rich said...

I love this song, especially when that first chorus comes roaring in. Impassioned, expressive lyrics (as to be expected from Bob), urgent vocals with the guitars crashing in from both sides... I'm definitely psyched about the new record now. Not at all to detract from the more heavy electronica albums of late (I liked both the Modulate and Loud Bomb albums), but the guitar seems like it'll always be Bob's true passion and voice. I remember back in 1998 when he publicly swore off the loud electric band presentation in future albums and tours, presumably for good. I certainly respect his desire to explore new means of expression in his music--and hope he continues to do so. Still, I'm glad he went back on his word in this case...

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

The other new songs I've heard have been great as well. I can't wait for this album.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Cant wait for the album. Thanks!

La bUze said...

excellent title !!!

where did you hear others songs courtney ?