Sunday, December 16, 2007

Low Scores

Lately on MML, the back and forth rotation of experimental electronica and guitar based rock has (hopefully) become a complementary mix of music. However unlikely that may seem to some, it's exactly what we had in mind when starting things here a couple of years ago. Today's featured artist confirms our evolving notion that live instrumentation, when manipulated proficiently, escapes the usual saddles involved with traditional genre classification. Low Scores is the decade long music project of a multi-instrumentalist named Nicholas from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The tracks are created with an initial platform building from something as simple as a bassline into an accompaniment of programmed synth/drums, open tuned guitars and various field recordings as needed. Black Tape, the latest track from Low Scores, was made available a week ago as a finished product (for now) that will end up belonging to an upcoming EP early in 2008. This is a highly recommended listen.

MP3: Black Tape

Oh yes...there's more. Earlier this year, a trio of EPs were released within a week of one another for download only. Although never properly pressed, the following tracks are taken from each one and might give you a more complete idea of why we are so impressed here. When visiting the Low Scores MySpace page, be sure to check out the blog section where you will find a ton of downloadable music including zip files for all three EPs. The Low Scores website is currently under construction, but there is an additional remix/collaboration with Houston, Texas based musician Stenographer, titled "teenacide", you might also want to check out. More good stuff for listening follows... enjoy.

From the July 2007 EP Young Frise:
MP3: Lost Days
From the July 2007 EP Trapper/Keeper:
MP3: Trapper Keeper
From the July 2007 EP Blix:
MP3: Once Again


Anonymous said...

This is fucking excellent.

Good one mate

Anonymous said...

you should post low limit's trapper keeper instead