Monday, December 10, 2007

MML: Poetry For The Winter

The holiday season is becoming very busy for the MML family and there hasn't been much time to feature music here. Oh, and this might also be the worst color scheme we've come up with yet... sooo, unless you are prone to epileptic seizures or migraines, please think of our festive post as a Christmas card from your Grandmother (only without the $20 inside). Our first big thank you goes out to Antonia Pehrson and her music project Komon. The original thought for this multi-feature entered our heads when she offered (and we listened to) our new favorite 2007 holiday song. Monika Bullette of The Sky Drops and legendary musician Hangnail Phillips were also nice enough to bring back the goods in the form of a duet from last year. Then there is the very cool (NSFW) track that was sent from our new friend Allison Apperson of Richmond, Virginia based outfit Hot Lava. This song has been stuck in my head for days now and the word "Wii" has been replaced many times over [insert cat name] as our felines make their hourly attempt to avoid my chase. We've thrown in some classics from the previous couple of years to complete things so the audio quality might change from one track to the next. Just adjust your volume, enjoy the music and know that we love (or at least wish no specific ill upon) each and every one of you who take the time to visit us. There will be more music to end the year so please stick around. Ho Ho Ho from Casey & Michelle!!


MP3: Poetry For The Winter

Cocteau Twins

MP3: Frosty The Snowman

Hot Lava

MP3: X-Mass Wii

Bullette & Hangnail Phillips

MP3: The Finest Gifts

Shonen Knife

MP3: Space Christmas

Eux Autres

MP3: Another Christmas At Home

Asobi Seksu

MP3: Merry Christmas/I Don't Want To Fight (Ramones cover)

Monika Bullette

MP3: Blue Christmas


Michelle said...

All *I* want for Christmas is a goddamned Brie, so be sure to bear that in mind when filling my stocking, Motherfucker. ;)


Droll SteVan said...

Thanks for this... I love winter time... good stuff.

Thought you might like this song... ignore the video if possible.