Saturday, December 01, 2007


Last Tuesday we received a message from today's featured artist giving us a heads-up on a new downloadable track to review. I've seriously been loving the song I checked out for a couple of days now and just this evening saw an announcement that Pitchfork had already taken a listen and reviewed the music. [insert expletive] I'd usually shy away after that, but the song is far too good and the band was nice enough so our itinerary will remain intact. Sybris is an indie rock quartet from Chicago, Illinois consisting of members Shawn Podgurski (vocals, bass), Phil Naumann (guitars), Angela Mullenhour (vocals, guitar), and Eric Mahle (drums). After forming in 2003 and with an east coast US tour that soon followed, the band released a self titled debut album through Flameshovel Records in 2005. Since that time, Sybris has been a busy buzz-tastic bee participating in numerous festivals and limited tours with national acts most of you are probably familiar with. The brand new track featured today will be a part of an upcoming, full length album set to be released early in 2008. Have a listen.

MP3: Oh Man!

From its sprightly beginnings, Oh Man! takes a winding path down into a slow driving flurry of guitar goodness only to jump back up into your lap for it's conclusion. This is all well and (more than) good but it was the unique near-vaudevillian vocals that captured most of our attention. Angela's voice finds an especially warm new place in our ear, existing somewhere between the stylings of Siouxsie Sioux and Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit. For more information and plenty of music, visit both the Sybris MySpace page and the Sybris website to get a good fix. The next live performance will take place December 13 when Sybris takes the stage along with Headlights at Milwaukee venue Cactus Club.

*Bonus: From the 2005 self titled debut release...
MP3: The Best Day In History In Ever

*Double Extra Secret Bonus (posted 12/2/07 @ 19:26): Another track from the upcoming 2008 full length release...
MP3: Something About A Darkhorse Or Whatever


sweeetheartfever said...

what's the name of the upcoming album? do you know?

Anonymous said...

Into the Trees, out on Absolutely Kosher on May 20, 2008.