Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mini People In Coney Island

As a child growing up in Ohio, I was surrounded by large regional amusement parks and themed county festivals, so being dragged unwillingly to any one of these destinations for premeditated entertainment was a regular occurrence. Today's featured artist also experienced joy/trauma surrounding a certain massive theme park and has fashioned the feeling of his music around some of these childhood moments. Mini People In Coney Island is the experimental music of Rafael who is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Along with Jeff Rosenfeld, Ella Davidson and various other local musician friends, Rafael has recorded and self-released a new 12 song album titled Nada Dreamland. He explains that the name for the new release comes from a long time theme park that recently closed in Nada, Japan and the music is a result of his dreams and nightmares involved with Walt Disney World. For a listen to a few of the new tracks, you can find a new friend at the Mini People In Coney Island MySpace page. If you like what you've heard there, we highly recommend a visit to the Mini People In Coney Island website where you can freely download a zip file of the entire Nada Dreamland collection of music. It must be mentioned that vocoders are usually something I loathe regardless of genre, however, with today's offering it comes off more naturally than I am accustomed to hearing and serves as a beautiful centerpiece for this experimental backdrop. Very nice.

MP3: Traditionalist
MP3: This Is The Original

*Semi-Related Bonus: I couldn't help but think of this Magnetic Fields song from the 1994 album "Holiday" while doing this here ya go:

MP3: The Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers

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