Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life After SUGAR: Tribute CD

It's time to kick things up a notch in presenting you with a true rarity. For those who are even semi-fanatical about the various musical endeavors of Bob Mould, today's feature might be just the thing to brighten your day. After Husker Du disbanded in 1988 and with a pair of epic solo releases under his belt, Bob Mould (guitar, vocals) started the band Sugar in 1991-92 with musicians David Barbe (bass, vocals) and Malcolm Travis (drums). Although there were only a handful of releases during the short life span of the band, plenty of people continue to regard the music as some of Bob's finest work. Now let's get to business. I received a package from Moscow, Russia the other day and had no idea what it was. I quickly realized that the curator of a certain (highly active) Sugar Myspace Fanpage, known to me as "D", had completed an amazing project. It's no small feat to organize 17 bands from around the world in order to present a tribute CD for a band this worthy of celebration. We are more than highly impressed and are fortunate to have received a copy. Before I forget, there is also Life After Sugar Myspace page dedicated to the actual CD and the bands that participated. Life After Sugar: Tribute was created simply because our friend D loves the music and this is evidenced by the fact that there were only 100 copies produced and they are not for sale. Now let's meet a few of the outsanding bands that made this happen... shall we?

Atomic Garden

Location: Clermont-Ferrand, France
MP3: Atomic Garden - Gift


Location: Izegem, Belgium
MP3: Murdock - Changes

Stewart Pack vs. Shayne Ivy

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee USA
Stewart Pack Myspace:
Shayne Myspace:
MP3: Stewart Pack vs. Shayne Ivy - Granny Cool

Four Star Alarm

Location: Chicago, Illinois USA
MP3: Four Star Alarm - Tilted

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