Monday, November 26, 2007

Astro Firs

Later in the week, we will bring some outstanding experimental electronica from South America and Scandinavia to the table, but for now there is the pressing matter of straight forward indie rock that needs to be addressed. Even if you are not familiar with today's featured artist and are listening for the first time, an easy guess might be made that a substantial amount of attention is right around the corner... and for good reason. Astro Firs are a young, highly energetic rock band consisting of musicians Scott (vocals, guitar), Tate (guitar), Luke (drums, vocals) and Jos (bass) from the coastal town of Falmouth, England. Although they have only been together for little over a year, the stir and momentum beginning to surround the band, along with additional new music for listening, can be taken in while visiting the Astro Firs MySpace page. The track featured today, What They Say, will soon be part of a double A-side single that is set to be released through UK label Dice Music (Dice MySpace) in the earliest part of 2008. The next live performance will be a precursor to next year's limited UK tour and will take place this Wednesday, November 28 at local Falmouth establishment Gylly Cafe. Check out the live set if you can and be prepared to hear much more about this band in the near future.

MP3: What They Say

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