Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wanna Be James?

It's always great to hear from artists we have featured in the past. Sometimes we are contacted as a result of a new single, video or album, however, this time we have a completely different project on our hands. If you are a regular visitor to MML, you might remember the Greek band Wild Honey we mentioned last year [June 2006 review + download]. Lead vocalist/guitarist Annita had one of the sweetest voices we had heard in a while, so it was decided to include Wild Honey in our year end 2006 Relapse also. The latest band, Wanna Be James?, is a complete musical departure as Annita (the owner) teams up with Anthony (the pet) to present a sound that effectively bridges electronic pop and punk-threaded indie rock. This duo/couple from Athens, Greece met and formed in the summer of 2006 and now continue sharing vocal, guitar and programming duties. They enlist the assistance of three additional local musicians for live performances. The forthcoming EP, which will be the sophomore release from Wanna Be James?, is not yet titled but will include the following two tracks. Deep Blue Sea is a finished product while Spin remains a semi-acoustic demo for now. Both songs, finished or not, are fantastic.

MP3: Deep Blue Sea
MP3: Spin (acoustic demo)

The band's self-released debut EP, titled Killing the Wasters, is currently available at local Athens music shops Jinx Records and Vinyl Microstore. You can also pick up a copy if you contact them directly by visiting the Wanna Be James? MySpace page. While there, you can listen to the new material as well as the entire Killing The Wasters EP which they have uploaded onto a flash player. As a bonus, the following is one of the more raucous tracks from the debut.

MP3: Get Close To You

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