Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dynamic Truths

Every now and again, we have the chance to jump into our waaaay-back machine in order to present an obscure band that might not have received proper consideration during their first go at the whole music thing. In the case of today's featured artist, there is cause to believe a revival of sorts is underway and the music suggests a definite reason to pay attention. Dynamic Truths were a Richmond, Virginia based post-post-punk outfit that existed between the years 1996 and 2000, with a 7" single released on Merge Records in 1998 and a track that belonged to an early Yep Rock compilation we have failed to locate. The good news? New Jersey label Little Black Cloud (LBC MySpace) will make available a collection of 15 mostly unreleased songs that span the brief history of Dynamic Truths, titled Understanding Is Overrated, on March 16, 2010. There are only 250 copies of this CD retrospective for sale, so contacting the label directly for pre-ordering purposes might be a fairly good idea. Have fun with what we consider a sound that seems to deserve every bit of pop n'crackle our old beat-to-hell vinyl stash has to offer.

MP3: Sailors Of The Highway

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jed and Lucia: Many Many EP

Plenty of previous dates/links to report with today's featured duo... so let's get started. Our original review of Chatsworth, California-based musicians Jed & Lucia happened well over three years ago, in August 2006, with mention of a debut EP titled Candles In Daylight. Since that time, contact was almost completely lost until we recently began providing occasional updates for their experimental side-project Kite In The Air in April 2009 and November 2009. As an unexpected treat, we can now present the brand new release Many Many EP which consists of five hauntingly beautiful songs to serve as a lovely reminder of how easily our casual gaze through an office window can end up lasting for hours. From the opening guitars and playful electronic accompaniment of the lead track Many Many to a quiet descent in Rigidity, Jed & Lucia leaves us with one of our first favourite listens of 2010. A preview for you...

MP3: Spaceman

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alli Millstein: Human Nature EP

So we've spent the better part of this new year attempting to tie up loose ends from the past 12 months, but at some (this) point we need to let go of our guilt in missing numerous blog-related emails and move forward with 2010. As a final farewell to close out our 2009 files, we present the lovely vocalist/guitarist Alli Millstein from Hartford, Connecticut and her recent collection of songs titled Human Nature EP. Although the featured track, Mend My Heart, clocks in at a mere one minute and forty-five seconds, there is ample time to become smitten with what we consider an honest and beautiful vocal delivery. The next live performance will take place this Saturday afternoon, January 23, in Red Hook, New York at a chocolate mecca/music venue known as Taste Budd's Cafe. For those with a sweet tooth, ear or both, show up at 2pm and also be sure to visit the Alli Millstein Sonicbids page where you can find additional information.

MP3: Mend My Heart

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Collider: BBM EP

Sorting though our email inbox, we've found a belated treat that probably should have been mentioned a few weeks ago. Late to the punch might be an understatement, but we can now share some outstanding new music with you. Collider is a San Francisco, California based rock outfit who released a debut EP, titled Down In Saturines, in early 2009. As a follow up, the band recently made available yet another self-released gem in a collection of eight songs, titled BBM EP, on New Year's Eve. After our initial (and quite extended) listening session, the sound and/or influence seems to fall in a delightful place somewhere between Rush and Ride, if we are allowed such ridiculous comparisons. Give these new songs a chance to build into a flurry of aneurysm/orgasm-inducing guitar tones and you just might feel the need to carry on listening.

MP3: Time Concerns
MP3: Modern Ends

*Bonus* From the February 2009 release Down In Saturines EP:

MP3: Drop Out And Off
MP3: Isolator

If you are enjoying these songs, pay a visit to the Collider Bandcamp page where both EPs and a single are completely free for download. The next live performance will take place this Friday, January 22 at local San Francisco venue Rockit Room. Check em out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chariots of Tuna: I'm So Good at Shining

Since an extended winter cold snap seems to have taken seasonal residence in our little corner of Ohio, we can think of no better way to defrost the ears than with a previously featured artist who has a decidedly warm new guitar pop single to share. Chariots Of Tuna is the oddly named, Brooklyn/Queens, New York four piece we made original mention of last year in July 2009 with their impressive EP Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Distant. If you have the chance, we recommend a visit to our previous review for links that might give a better understanding of the history and accomplishments of the musicians involved with this project. The brand new single from Ben Morss & company is titled I'm So Good At Shining and is now available for free download through lovely Connecticut-based label Tweefort Records (Tweefort MySpace). Once again, we are smitten with what we can only hope might be the precursor to a full-length album for this band.

MP3: Seven Miles Away

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dana Falconberry: Halletts LP

Late last year we made mention that Austin, Texas was not particularly familiar ground for our music exploration, but sometimes the cage needs to be rattled a bit and today's featured artist did quite the job of it. Our original review of Michigan native turned Austin blossom Dana Falconberry happened in September 2006 with her impressive Paper Sailboat EP. A more recent follow-up took place in April 2008, when we posted a video from Dana's full-length debut Oh Skies Of Grey, and now there is a much-welcomed update to report. The brand new self-released LP, titled Halletts, will be made available next week with a live performance/release party to coincide at local Austin venue Mohawk on January 14. For those not familiar with the vocal stylings of Ms. Faconberry, expect a warm treat in her distressed, yet overwhelmingly enchanting delivery. Such a beautiful song as a preview for the new album... please have a listen.

MP3: Nightingale

*Bonus* A YouTube video for the song Baby Blue Sky from the 2008 album Oh Skies Of Grey.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

MML Update: Stellarium

There are a handful of upcoming releases we have been saving for the new year, but a unanimous decision was made to provide a noisy burst to initiate 2010 with music that might just make a head or two explode or at least leave your ears fizzling for a while. Stellarium is the Singapore based music project of a multi-instrumentalist simply know as AZ who we first featured under the band name Disco Ditto in June 2008. A few months later we received the first recordings from Stellarium and did a brief follow up in October 2008. As a welcomed update, the band now has a new full-length debut album that is self-titled and very much worth the time in listening. Additional information on picking up a copy of the new release or checking out their next live performance at local Singapore venue Blackhole (January 23), pay a visit to the Stellarium MySpace page.

For those who appreciate the lovely noise that can result from layers of fuzzed-out guitars with a heavy JAMC influence and shoegaze hints threaded into every turn, the following track will be a good starting point for the new album. Enjoy at maximum volume.

MP3: Chocolate & Strawberry

Sunday, January 03, 2010

MML: Favourites Edition (2009)

Belated as it may be, our own little addition to the annual year-end mountain of "Best Of" lists will probably be the last you'll have to endure. After spending the better part of our extended holiday weekend listening to featured artists from this past year, it became clear that we would need to limit ourselves in only listing full-length albums. From one of the most influential indie-rock musicians of all time to a college student in New York, our survey of each release has been a comprehensive and enjoyable listening experience. That being said, please pay little attention to the fairly arbitrary number rankings and spend time exploring links to what we consider ten of the most enlightening music collections made available during 2009.

10.) East Hundred

Album Title: Passenger
Artist Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Previous Review:December 2008
Links: Website & MySpace
MP3: Plus Minus

9.) Opsvik & Jennings

Album Title: A Dream I Used To Remember
Artist Location: New York City via Norway/Oklahoma
Previous Review:June 2009
Links: Website & MySpace
MP3: Windswept

8.) Purplespace

Album Title: A Tiny Little Spark
Artist Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Previous Review:February 2009
Links: Website & MySpace
MP3: I Needed You

7.) Screen Vinyl Image

Album Title: Interceptors
Artist Location: Washington, D.C.
Previous Review:April 2009
Links: Website & MySpace
MP3: Fever

6.) Burning Hearts

Album Title: Aboa Sleeping
Artist Location: Helsinki, Finland
Previous Review:December 2008
Links: Website & MySpace
MP3: I Lost My Colour Vision

5.) The Legends

Album Title: Over And Over
Artist Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Previous Review:September 2008
Links: Website & MySpace
MP3: Always The Same

4.) Sticklips

Album Title:It is Like a Horse. It is Not Like Two Foxes
Artist Location: Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
Previous Review: March 2009
Links: Blog & MySpace
MP3: Bedding Wells

3.) Buke And Gass

Album Title:+/-
Artist Location: New York City, New York
Previous Review:February 2009
Links: Website & MySpace
MP3: Sleep Gets Your Ghost

2.) Bob Mould

Album Title: Life And Times
Artist Location: San Francisco, California
Previous Review:March 2009
Links: Website & MySpace
MP3: City Lights (Days Go By)

1.) The Sky Drops

Album Title: Bourgeois Beat
Artist Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Previous Review:August 2009
Links: Website & MySpace
MP3: Swimming With Fishes