Sunday, January 17, 2010

Collider: BBM EP

Sorting though our email inbox, we've found a belated treat that probably should have been mentioned a few weeks ago. Late to the punch might be an understatement, but we can now share some outstanding new music with you. Collider is a San Francisco, California based rock outfit who released a debut EP, titled Down In Saturines, in early 2009. As a follow up, the band recently made available yet another self-released gem in a collection of eight songs, titled BBM EP, on New Year's Eve. After our initial (and quite extended) listening session, the sound and/or influence seems to fall in a delightful place somewhere between Rush and Ride, if we are allowed such ridiculous comparisons. Give these new songs a chance to build into a flurry of aneurysm/orgasm-inducing guitar tones and you just might feel the need to carry on listening.

MP3: Time Concerns
MP3: Modern Ends

*Bonus* From the February 2009 release Down In Saturines EP:

MP3: Drop Out And Off
MP3: Isolator

If you are enjoying these songs, pay a visit to the Collider Bandcamp page where both EPs and a single are completely free for download. The next live performance will take place this Friday, January 22 at local San Francisco venue Rockit Room. Check em out.

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