Wednesday, January 06, 2010

MML Update: Stellarium

There are a handful of upcoming releases we have been saving for the new year, but a unanimous decision was made to provide a noisy burst to initiate 2010 with music that might just make a head or two explode or at least leave your ears fizzling for a while. Stellarium is the Singapore based music project of a multi-instrumentalist simply know as AZ who we first featured under the band name Disco Ditto in June 2008. A few months later we received the first recordings from Stellarium and did a brief follow up in October 2008. As a welcomed update, the band now has a new full-length debut album that is self-titled and very much worth the time in listening. Additional information on picking up a copy of the new release or checking out their next live performance at local Singapore venue Blackhole (January 23), pay a visit to the Stellarium MySpace page.

For those who appreciate the lovely noise that can result from layers of fuzzed-out guitars with a heavy JAMC influence and shoegaze hints threaded into every turn, the following track will be a good starting point for the new album. Enjoy at maximum volume.

MP3: Chocolate & Strawberry

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