Tuesday, December 26, 2006

MML: The 2006 Relapse

Not just one artist today, but ten of them... and they just so happen to be responsible for some of the best releases of the past year. You only need to click and enjoy each song. The entire purpose for this blog and the the MySpace group is to highlight music we love and that deserves to be heard. During the past year we've featured almost 300 musical acts from 27 different countries. All of these artists are worthy of the list presented today. It would have been nearly impossible to choose one over another, and in many cases, that made our decisions very difficult. We are posting these musicians again as a highlight of the year 2006. In order to present a "best of" list that fit well as a single voice or feeling from the past year, it was necessary to start from a simple demo to a top few that were overwhelming and epic in nature. It makes no difference whether it was a single, EP or LP...It just needed to have been released or made available in some form during 2006. For the full effect, please start at number 10 and listen forward without skipping around to get an idea of what the hell we were thinking. Enjoy the music and expect us back at the beginning of 2007 to kick things off once again. xoxo

10. Wild Honey - (Demo 2006)

Location: Athens, Greece

Featured song (MP3 format): 1000 Spaceships

Original review & date: MML - June, 26, 2006

Artist Website: Wild Honey Myspace

9. The Twilight Sad - The Twilight Sad EP

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Featured Song (MP3 format): ...and she would darken the memory of youth

Original review & date: MML - November 20, 2006

Artist Website: The Twilight Sad Myspace

8. Dana Falconberry - Paper Sailboat

Location: Austin, Texas

Featured Song (MP3 format): Sadie

Original review & date: MML - September 28, 2006

Artist Website: Dana Falconberry Website

7. The Fine Arts Showcase - Radiola

Location: London, UK / Malmö, Sweden

Featured Song (MP3 format): Chemical Girl

Original review & date: MML - July 26, 2006

Artist Website: The Fine Arts Showcase Website

6. Arizona - Welcome Back Dear Children

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Featured Song (MP3 format): Splintering

Original review & date: MML - June 20, 2006 Secondary review & date: MML (Exclusive) December 4, 2006

Artist Website: Arizona Website

5. Ohbijou - Swift Feet For Troubling Times

Location: Brantford, Ontario Canada

Featured Song (MP3 format): St. Francis

Original reveiw & date: MML - November 21, 2006

Artist Website: Ohbijou Website

4. New Radiant Storm King - The Steady Hand

Location: Northampton, New York

Featured Song (MP3 format): Down The Winding Staircase

Original reveiw & date: MML - January 25, 2006 (lost review/unavailable)

Artist Website: Furnace Rock

3. Trentemøller - The Last Resort

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Featured Song (MP3 format): Take Me Into Your Skin

Original reveiw & date: MML - October 21, 2006

Artist Website: Trentemøller Myspace

2. Asobi Seksu - Citrus

Location: New York City, New York

Featured Song (MP3 format): Red Sea

Original reveiw & date: MML - May 4, 2006

Artist Website: Asobi Seksu Website

1. My Brightest Diamond - Bring Me The Workhorse

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Featured Song (MP3 format): Something Of An End

Original reveiw & date: MML- July 24, 2006

Artist Website: My Brightest Diamond Website

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Asobi Seksu

Happy Holidays!! xoxo Michelle & Casey

Yes! It's that time when we are supposed to go do family stuff like most of you. I will be packing for my move to Cincinnati instead and toasting the holiday with Michelle via MSN webcam. If you become bored (even on xmas eve) give us a shout!! We decided to post the exact same song from last year since no one else we found has done it for 2006. This is one of our favorite Christmas songs to date. Who woulda thunk it? Asobi Seksu covering The Ramones' classic Merry Christmas - I don't want to fight. Enjoy your holiday endeavors and get something special for one of the little brats in your family. They might be too shy to thank you, but if you get them just the right gift they will remember it always (ask the mother, not dad.) We will be back with some sort of year end Best Of 2006 list after Christmas... Stay Tuned.

Best snowy (er...rainy) holiday wishes to all of you and many thanks for staying with our daily project. Cheers!!! xoxo

MP3: Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)

Friday, December 22, 2006


2006 is almost over and there are a couple of musicians, along with yesterday's post, I didn't get to earlier this year. In the case of the featured artist today, there was a bit of a negative stir regarding their current introduction into the North American market. I'll have to admit, after seeing a section of the Prototypes website titled US FOOD which includes a photo entry from the latest tour regarding stereotypical American cuisine and also this MySpace picture, it was almost too laughable to continue any further in my investigation. It was probably the reason I forgot to feature them. The band could use some PR help for sure, but I ended up listening anyway and have to say this is an amazingly fun song. I usually feature garage/indie rock music on Fridays, but this seems like an equally satisfying way to kick off the weekend. If you are headed out tonight, the featured track might be a good energy boost for pre-club/pub cocktails and getting primped at home.

are a 3 piece dance/rock outfit from Paris, France. The band formed in 2003 with members Isabelle Le Doussal (vocals), François Marche (guitar) and Stephane Bodin (bass, synthesizer.) From what I read, they have a debut US single/album this year titled Who's Gonna Sing! which was featured as theme music for some ipod commercial series. Ok, I still don't despise them. Je Ne Te Connais Pas actually constitutes a guilty pleasure for my ears... what the hell is wrong with me? Prototypes are signed to the French label Boxson (boxson myspace) and US counterpart Minty Fresh Records (minty fresh MySpace). There is also the compulsory Prototypes MySpace page for more music as well as the disturbing realization that Universal Music runs the Prototypes website. You can find a video for the Prototypes' song Gentleman on YouTube as well...

Oh let me guess... the septic melting man trying to get them is an American? You have no idea how many times I almost typed Protopipe during this writeup. Enjoy the weekend!!

MP3: Je Ne Te Connais Pas

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Since the end of the year is approaching and everyone has the same 10-15 bands listed as Best of 2006, I am saddened. There were so many interesting artists that released music over the past year and it kills me not to have the time to go back through and create my own list. I might still do it but can't even think about it since everything I own has to be moved to another city in a week. Moving house and office at the same time is no fun at all. This really has nothing to do with today's featured music but kind of gives you an unfortunate State Of The Blog update. In order to cheer myself up, I re-found a great band I neglected to feature earlier in the year. I saw a few recent posts about them and it sparked my limited memory. For some strange reason, the mp3 I originally downloaded ended up in my "can't feature" desktop folder along with a few unintentional mainstream downloads I'm too embarrassed to admit. To be honest, this band probably could complete the pop music trilogy of early 90s Curve and mid to late 90s breakthrough Garbage. The sound has not-so-subtle hints of both, but is wonderfully of it's own. Some of the other tracks from today's featured artist are much different and lean decidedly towards low key electronica.

is not a new band at all. Founding members and now married couple Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom met in 1992 in Santa Cruz, California and eventually began making music. A few years later, they moved up the coast to San Francisco and in 1998 released their first CD We Only Love You. In 2001 they were joined both musically and in engineering duties by Count for the second full length release Wiser. Today's featured track belongs to Halou's third full length, 14 song CD Wholeness & Separation which was released in May of 2006. It is available on the Halou website for $15 USD. Halou also has a brand new 5 track EP titled Albatross that is available through itunes. To hear more music check out the Halou MySpace page and also Rebecca and Ryan's other project RR Coseboom. Finally, the band has a good weblog to read and also a YouTube video of the song Tubfed performed live about a month ago. Very nice!

MP3: Stonefruit

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

François Virot

I almost decided to find a new background design for both MML and the MySpace group page after hearing today's featured song. The first idea that came to mind would have been scattered liquor bottles around a campfire. If only I could add a few interactive percussion buttons and beanbag chairs, we would all be in business. This is a great song I found while using the Google Translator tool to check out some international music sources. After ending up on the really nice weblog La Blogothèque, I read a brief article regarding the musician you are listening to. From what I could figure out in the translation, there is a mainstream French online music website (LesInrocks.com ) that has a competition for new independent artists every year. CQFD 2007 received around 7000 submissions and have eventually decided on 21 finalists. In case you hadn't guessed, François Virot is one of those final 21. The acoustic guitars are instantly warm and his vocals have that near reckless feel any Built to Spill fan would appreciate.

François Virot
is an up and coming musician from Lyon, France. Besides his solo work, François is involved in many other music projects including Flip Flop Community, DJ Making Friends and a new favorite of mine, Clara Clara. If you want to listen to and download some good-n-dirty lo fi noise rock check out the Clara Clara website. I probably should have mentioned the François Virot MySpace page to begin with. In a brief review/bio there, it is explained that My Head Is Blank as well as the other 3 streamable songs were recorded on a 4 track in true DIY fashion. He has recently become a part of the Paris based Clapping Music label. There is also a Clapping Music MySpace for more artists and music. Enjoy your Wednesday ...and the song.

MP3: My Head Is Blank

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


For some reason I keep ending up back in NYC for music lately and it really is only coincidence. I'm fairly certain there is no new surge of music coming out of that town. It's just a constant steady stream of just about anything you'd ever want to hear. I've actually never been there besides the airport but am sure this has always been the case. I was checking out a few bloggers over the weekend and found a brief mention of today's band on the I Rock Cleveland music blog. This song has a nice simple driving pace that never really breaks into anything extravagant. Sometimes that sits just fine with me...well it must have been the case, otherwise I wouldn't have gone back to listen repeatedly. Cezanne originally started out as the DIY musical project of John Daugherity (guitar/vocals.) He was living in Texas at the time and eventually moved to New York City after a solo 2003 release and having written the music for what would become the current CD. After a year, John finally found members Kyle Warren (drums) and Dave Burgreen (bass). The band now calls Brooklyn, NY home and is performing tonight 12/19 at Lit Lounge ($6 / door @ 9pm).

Both releases are available for purchase through CD baby and the band's own Hearttooth Records. There is a Cezanne MySpace page with some live tracks to stream and a noisy YouTube video of the featured song you are listening to as well. In fact, you can watch it here too...

While there, check the merchandise link for the Cezanne Teddy Bear I must have. (I am joking... DO NOT send Cezanne Teddy Bears to MML please) I do, however, really like this song.

MP3: I've Got So Much

Monday, December 18, 2006

Los Campesinos!

Ok... Are you ready for your new favorite band? Before you say anything, I realize this band has been blogged to death during the latter part of this year. Regardless of the mountain of myspace page views, endless reviews they've received and countless comparisons to mainstream fashion bands I refuse to listen to, I find this to be some of the most fun music of 2006 and well worthy of a featured spot. The first full minute builds this song from a simple guitar into a full blown Architecture In Helsinki/Pixies experience. I suppose anytime you add bells to a rock song, it will have plenty of people (including myself) drooling over it. There currently is no Los Campesinos! website but since the band recently signed to the enormous label Wichita Recordings, I'm sure they either had to ditch an old website or are in a holding pattern for a new one that will suit an equally huge audience. For now, you can visit the Los Campesinos! MySpace page to hear more music. While you are there, check out their blog listing most of the reviews they've found. Some are good and some are just ridiculous. There is even a YouTube video of some random American girl dancing to the song featured here.

Very fun(ny), cute and yes this is her MySpace profile.

Los Campesinos!
is an indie pop/rock septet from Cardiff, Wales UK. The only thing I know about Wales is that there is actually a place called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch there (no, I am not kidding.) Anyway, the band members are listed by first name only and include Aleksandra (Vocals/Clapping/Melody Horn), Ellen (Bass/Vocals), Gareth (Vocals/Glockenspiel/Guitar/Clapping), Harriet (Violin/Keyboards/Vocals), Neil (Guitar/Vocals), Ollie (Drums/Vocals) and Tom (Guitar/Vocals). Lots of vocal contributors ah? The band begins touring in March 2007 so you can probably place a safe bet that a debut release will become available around that time. There is also a Wichita Recordings MySpace for more music you might like. Look out folks!!...here comes Los Campesinos!

MP3: You! Me! Dancing!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


For the remainder of the weekend, I will be busy trying to make headway in packing for my move to Cincinnati. For that reason, I needed to find a song that was good enough to carry through to the end of the weekend. Oh... did I find nice one. Inlets is the musical project of Sebastian Krueger. He is originally from Madison, Wisconsin and has since become a resident of Brooklyn, New York. You might be familiar with Sebastian if you are a fan of My Brightest Diamond, who we featured a few months ago. He is the guitarist/multi-instrumentalist that supports and completes the sound behind the beautiful voice of Shara Worden. Today's featured song is from the Inlets debut EP Vestibule which was made available completely free for download through Luv Sound three weeks ago. Just as information, what you are listening to is the most upbeat song on the EP. Most of the other tracks are, however, equally gorgeous and well suited for a quiet Sunday afternoon at home. Sometimes the slightest little thing enchants me while listening to certain music and, in the case of Pictures Of Trees, there is a soft drizzling backdrop that opens up the song while accenting the strings perfectly. If in the mood for this subdued sound, you really have to listen to the balance of these wonderful songs. If not, you should probably pay a visit to these guys (yes I linked motorhead. no one will notice.)

Additional musicians involved with Inlets are Sam Bair (drums), Nate Lithgow (bass), Marla Hansen (viola) and Brett Sroka (trombone). The band will be performing at The Cake Shop in NYC this Monday December 18th for the Return of Ladystein show ($6 / door @ 7pm). For more information on the band and other projects of Sebastian Krueger, visit the Inlets webste. As mentioned above, you can download the entire newly released Vestibule EP on Luv Sound for free. There is also an Inlets MySpace page to check out and add on to. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

MP3: Pictures Of Trees

Friday, December 15, 2006

White Rabbits

It's finally Friday, but for me that just means packing more of the junk I've collected over the past several years before I move south. Does anyone in Columbus want a huge brick of black cat firecrackers, sparklers or several roman candles? Free stuff I tell ya. Anyway, today's featured band originally brought to mind some of my late 70s British mod/pop favorites, but after a few listens the sound seems to fall more in line with classic 60s brit rock. Whatever the case may be for you, the one thing I read about this band, and eventually heard for myself, is that the energy levels run high and don't let up for a second. The song featured here is listed as an unmastered rough mix but, with what I am hearing (especially in the vocals), it is a bit difficult to imagine this track sounding any better than it already does. This is a great way to kick off the weekend... I'll give you some quick links to check out below. Enjoy!

White Rabbits
are an indie rock band originally from Columbia, Missouri who met in 2004. In June of 2005, members Alexander Even, Adam Russell, Matthew Clark, Gregory Roberts and Stephen Patterson packed up everything and moved to their new home, New York City. They were soon joined by Jamie Levinson and the six of them began to move forward with the music. The song you are listening to will be a part of their early 2007 full length album that is yet to be named. It will be released on the band's NYC based label Say Hey Records. There is also a Say Hey Records Myspace Page to visit for more good music. For basic band information stop by the White Rabbits Website and then turn your mouse towards the White Rabbits Myspace Page to add as a friend and hear another good song. Finally, I was reluctant to post this next bit because it is fairly disgusting, but since it had me laughing I will give it up. If you can stomach the mouth frothing lunacy involved, this is a YouTube video advert for one of the White Rabbits' October NYC shows. I'm speechless on this video clip.

MP3: The Plot

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Oh it just keeps happening. I want to get all of my junk packed for the big move to Cincinnati, Ohio on December 29th, so I began wrapping my dishes in newspaper after work. After a few trips between the kitchen and computer listening to various songs from this band, it was almost impossible to choose which track to feature. All songs are an equal joy so I had to come up with some sort of determining factor. Since plates are more important than bowls (by my estimation) I chose what was playing during my tedious plate wrapping session. It made sense to me anyway. Once I decided on what you are listening to now, It was all too clear that the moving chores would have to wait another day. The first sound-related item that deserves comment here is the voice of drummer Kayla Bell (aka Holly P). While anchoring the band on percussion, Kayla gives off an amazing late 80's vocal tone that is just an octave away from reminding me of Judy Grunwald. Her voice works perfectly with the surrounding guitar jangle and bass hum, and had me wondering what old gems they must have in their own record collection. The song I chose to feature has a steady finished sound while some of the other tracks will give you an unexpected, yet welcome, twist at each turn. The reviews I read on this band were overwhelmingly positive and for very good reason. They deserve the attention for sure, but only after the bass player loses those cheese-tastic sunglasses that are in most every band picture. (oh god I hope he isn't blind)

are an indie rock trio from Oxford, UK consisting of members Kayla Bell (vocals, drums, keyboard, guitar), Adam Bell (guitar, vocals, keyboard) and Daniel Pacrami (bass, keyboard, vocals, guitar). Believe it or not, this band is unsigned but has a new self released EP titled 46a Appleside Drive which is available only by email contact with the band. To find out more about the EP and the upcoming 2007 UK tour itinerary you will need to visit the Foxes! MySpace page. All of the music there is outstanding also. The last live show for 2006 will be a headline gig/Christmas party held tomorrow night with doors opening 7pm at the Ultimate Picture Palace in Oxford (£5). Opening local band will be Baby Gravy. The Foxes! website seems to be a work in progress so you might have to check back for updated info there. Ok ok... I'll say it. This is Highly Recommended!!

MP3: 6 O'Clock

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Eux Autres

There are plenty of two piece bands out there and we have featured quite a few of them during the past year. In most cases, they are friends, a couple, or just so happen to be both. Today's featured artist duo will give a new spin on things since they are brother and sister. I have quite a few friends that have the sibling connection when it comes to musical taste so this is no surprise at all. The only thing that is surprising is that it doesn't work out this way more often. The one other band we've found and featured who were brother and sister were actually called Brother Sister. The song you are listening to today is a great example of how much fun can be had when influences are used to create an international, (sometimes retro) open ended project. From what I read, there seems to be quite a cult following for this band and it isn't difficult to hear the reason.

Eux Autres is the sibling duo of Heather (drums, vocals) and Nicholas (guitar, vocals) Larimer. They are originally from Omaha, Nebraska but now call Portland, Oregon home. Their first single came out in 2003 and the following year saw the debut full length CD Hell is Eux Autreas which can be found on CD Baby for less than $10 USD. Today's song is from that album and was recently re-released earlier this year. Also new for the end of 2006 is the band's holiday album Another Christmas At Home. If you visit the Eux Autres website the featured track is available for download. There is more information on both the band's label Grenadine Records as well as a few more songs to hear on the Eux Autres MySpace page. Finally, there is a short animation clip by Scott Bateman that is done to the song we have posted here. Check it out.

MP3: Ecoutez Bien
Bonus MP3: Christmas At Home

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Secret Mommy

Almost a year ago, I stumbled upon a project where some select experimental artists were given the task of creating a song within 24 hours for a compilation project...30 songs in 30 days. Peppermill Records was responsible for this project and it was one of the first times I sat and listened to experimental electronica without a hint of disgust in my throat. I featured Secret Mommy in late January of this year when there were around 200 members on the MySpace group. The Listening Room was created to test some limits and this was (and is) the perfect artist to do so. As I asked, almost a year ago with the first song featured, give this new one a chance to build from its scattered beginnings into a full blown experience. You might thank me. Our first Secret Mommy review was never recorded so I will include the song we featured (Dance Studio) as bonus at some point today. I received more messages (everything from "insane good!!" to "WTF??") as a result of that post than any other to date so I really would like to hear your input this time...on both songs.

Secret Mommy
is the experimental laptop + music of Andy Dixon from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The first song we featured, earlier this year, was part of his 2005 release Very Rec in which some of the sounds were recorded on site at various recreational public activity venues including a swimming pool and tennis court. Andy has since recorded The Wisdom EP in which he recorded sounds from the dentist chair. Today's featured song is from the upcoming February 2007 release Plays and the recording process is explained in this brief snippet from Andy's very own Ache Records Website...

"The one stipulation of the recording process was that no instrument was allowed to be electrified. No electricity would be used at all (except of course, to operate the recording gear). The idea was to create the most anti-electronic electronic album, free of any synthetic sounds (no electric guitar, let alone synths or drum machines), opting for an earthiness and soulful charm."

Besides Secret Mommy and Ache Records, Andy is also a graphic designer and front man for the band Winning which can only described as Shudder To Think on no less than 10 hits of blotter acid...not that I would know or anything. Of course I'm joking (kind of) so check out the downloadable song Legendary Savings on their page. The Secret Mommy MySpace Page has a few more great songs to stream and all necessary links. There are even more tracks to download from the Secret Mommy Website as well. Finally, I found YouTube videos of both today's featured song Kool Aid River and the title track Plays also from the new release:

Kool Aid River:


I am always amazed by Andy Dixon's music.

MP3: Kool Aid River
Bonus MP3: Dance Studio

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mitch Easter

Ok, I can't honestly say that I was ever a Let's Active fan during the 80s. A friend of mine had a younger sister that loved them but she was "fluffy" in a Cure/Smiths/REM kinda way by my teenage standards. I'm fairly certain I had one of their cassette tapes at some point but can't be sure. As a result of my preoccupation with hardcore punk bands at the time, the only similar music I can remember being interested in was Game Theory (hopefully some of you will get the connection.) The only reason I am even mentioning the 80s-tastic IRS Records band Let's Active is that the front man, Mitch Easter, is our featured artist here today. After 18 long years, he has new music that is fresh, relevant and simply put...really nice. Now that I listen and think about it, more attention should have been paid to his music back in the day. There are some amazing little gems in his back catalog of music and this new material is a wonderful discovery.

As mentioned above, North Carolina musician, producer and engineer Mitch Easter was a (the) founding member of the 80s alternative band Let's Active. His new album Dynamico is set for release in early 2007 through the San Francisco, California based label 125 Records. Today's track is the first listen from the new record and is also available for download from the Mitch Easter Website. When I listen to this song, Ultra Vivid Scene instantly comes to mind for some strange reason. If you would like to hear more, visit the Mitch Easter MySpace Page and send a compulsory friend invite. I almost forgot!!! There is also a Let's Active Fan MySpace Page where some ancient videos can be found thanks to YouTube. My favorite videos are Waters Part and In Little Ways. Enjoy!!... and look out for the new album in early 2007.

MP3: Sudden Crown Drop

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Racetrack Babies

In 1993, a compilation disc was released by Dutch East India Trading titled Buy This Used Compact Disc. I consider it an interesting look into what was available underneath the unfortunate and selective discovery of alternative rock music by the mainstream media at the time. *Note: track #1 was not New Radiant Storm King on the original release... it was a completely different song by American Music Club. (I am holding my old beat up copy now but knew it anyway). Track #2 on this release features Sebadoh's Lou Barlow screaming "Just give me indie rock!" If you haven't heard this compilation CD I highly recommend looking for a copy on ebay or other such places. What does this have to do with today's featured artist you might ask? As soon as this song started, I was warmed into an overwhelming sense that this could be a lost track from the above mentioned CD had the band been in existence back then. It's also not difficult to hear the influence of later Dinosaur Jr. material in their music. The song structure and vocals in today's feature make this an obvious comparison, while some of the other selections are in moderate contrast to the early 90's sound. It continues to amaze me how many current rock outfits here in the states struggle with (or simply ignore) their alternative or indie rock heritage while bands overseas seem to get it right on a constant basis.

Racetrack Babies are a 4 piece rock band from Denmark comprised of members Hans Christian Wayne (vocals & guitar), Morten Søfting (drums), Søren Hansen (guitars) and Minh Le (bass.) The band's first demo was recorded in 1998 and, since that time, there have been 3 albums and a couple of singles added to the discography. The latest full length album Summer Salt Santiago was released a month ago, November 7th, through the Copenhagen-based Musikministeriet record label. There is also a Musikministeriet MySpace Page with more good music as well as the label's California branch/contact Claus on MySpace. The new CD is available through Interpunk for $9.75 USD and, from what I've heard myself, is really good. Your next stop should be the Racetrack Babies MySpace where you can listen to more music and add on as a friend. They also have a secondary myspace page as a result of the first one getting hacked at some point. The Racetrack Babies Website is a basic (non-flash thank god) information site where you will find a ton of pictures in the gallery and current band news. Finally, there is a YouTube video of a song titled The Storm from the brand new album Summer Salt Santiago. Enjoy...!!

MP3: Unshined

Friday, December 08, 2006


For quite a few months, we featured our weekly Indie Rock Friday here on MML and on the MySpace group For reasons that amount to nothing more than a lack of searching in that particular direction, we simply slacked off in presenting you with a noisy weekend starter. In an attempt to bring this day back on all fours (panting), we found music that will also complete my weekly quota in featuring yet another great band from Sweden. This song, at maximum volume, is an obvious window rattle with all of the distortion, feedback and reverb one could hope for. It's actually kind of nice to hear noisy guitars that don't fall in line with any of the ridiculous shape descriptions music bloggers tend to use. At a more reasonable decibel, this track also brings to mind Jesus & Mary Chain and could easily be the reason that last reluctant Bettie Page look-a-like shakes her scenster hips at any given indie club.

Ikons are a young indie rock quartet from Gothenberg, Sweden who formed in 2005. Current band members are listed by first name only on the Ikons Myspace Page and they are: Jonas. Tobbe, Jonathan and Martin. They live in both Gothenberg and Stockholm and that's about as much information there is to read in English. There are 3 new tracks (including today's feature) and 2 songs from a previous EP available for free download in mp3 format on the Ikons Website (Swedish) (English). The songs there are all similar to this one and are very much worth a listen if you enjoy the lo-fi fuzzed out sound featured here today. Good stuff....

MP3: Do It Right: (link expired)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Berg Sans Nipple

The Berg Sans Nipple is a duo from Paris, France consisting of Lori Sean Berg and Shane Aspegren. From what I read, both of these artists have extensive musical backrounds heavily influenced by organic/electronic percussion. They enlist the assistance of some musical friends for the purpose of recording and feature various vocal talents often. Sean is a native of France while Shane is actually from Nebraska (yes that Nebraska) here in the States. The two met while working on the soundtrack of a short film titled Marie-Madeleine in 2002 and have several singles, EPs and projects as a result of their travels. Sometimes, the most interesting thing about any given musician can be the intruments they utilize. Below are the BSN stats for you:

Shane Aspegren: drum set, percussion, words, voice, programming, melodica, kalimba, glockenspiel, keyboards, broken traynor and various pedals, machines

Lori Sean Berg: electric and acoustic piano, portable bass piano,synthesizers, trumpet, glockenspiel, assdrum and other percussion, voice, amps and various pedals, machines

Oh (wait wait...) there is a mystery here. Of course I'm making something out of nothing but it might give you an idea of what we can't figure out when trying to track down information for the music we attempt to feature. On the website of the band's label Team Love Records there is a downloadable track titled Mystic Song from the upcoming January 27 release Along The Quai. Does it sound familiar? Yes it is the song we have featured here today. If you then visit the BSN Myspace Page and listen to the same track title it is a completely different song. Along The Quai is the name of the new CD but is also listed as as song #6 in the lineup. I'm making a big guess here, but will have to side with what is listed on the mp3 file. It probably could be any song but for this brief moment we will enjoy it regardless of title. All the more reason to look forward to the release date of January 27, 2007.

MP3: Along The Quai

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Miniature Tigers

Today's writeup will be brief since all of the junk I've accumulated over the past decade needs to have its film of second hand cigarette smoke cleaned from it. I then need to place this precious garbage in neat little boxes and move those boxes to Cincinnati, Ohio by the 1st of January. Not fun. While I tend to my relocation, there will be plenty of music featured originating from various music blog/resource type places I enjoy so please check them out! Yesterday, I visited the Hollywood, California based Rock Insider website and found a musician that RI proprietor JAX had posted a week ago. Almost immediately after this wonderfully lazy song started, I was reminded of Gisli who we featured here on MML in September. Lost cousins??? At 2 minutes and 34 seconds, it is a very short track but at or around the halfway point, you might get an unexpected holiday feeling warming your bones. I experienced this seasonal phenomenon when the chorus kicked in. Odd eh? There really isn't much info on the artist out there yet, but I will at least give you the links I could find.

Miniature Tigers is the musical brainchild/project of Charlie Brand from Echo Park, California. If you like the song you are listening to, I recommend a not-so-quick visit to the Miniature Tigers Myspace to hear another good song streaming there. Both tracks were going to be part of an upcoming EP released on the band's Phoenix, Arizona based label Modern Art Records. I say "were" since, after reading a blog on the Modern Art Myspace Page, it seems the new material might just end up becoming a full length release. Sure to raise a few more eyebrows is another bit of info I read. Charlie has been in the studio working with musician/producer Back Ted N-Ted on the new material. There is also a Back Ted N-Ted Myspace for those not familiar with his work. Finally, as is often the case here, a YouTube video is available from the artist. This is a song titled Viking Hearts for your viewing pleasure. Have a good day today...

MP3: The Wolf