Saturday, October 21, 2006


Around 6 months ago, this group featured plenty of indie electronica and I'm not sure how we got off track. I like to mix things up more than I've done recently and I think today's musician more than makes up for the lack of attention in that direction. I'm not even sure you can label this, or similar sounds, experimental any longer since the components involved are so recognizable. The artist today doesn't classify himself in that manner at all but, in many ways, does have a sound that breaks from the emerging norm. The static isn't overdone spraying from a laptop aimlessly and the clicks & blips aren't just there randomly. Instead, as many others are starting to notice, this is extremely well crafted music that takes just about everything you might despise about generic club music out of the equation leaving a stripped down ambient sound for your daily travels. The end of the year is quickly approaching and that means it's time for MML to start figuring out some sort of Best of 2006 shortlist. After listening to several tracks from this artist, I'll have to admit, I just might have found one of my picks. We'll see...

is the music of producer, composer and remixer extraordinaire Anders Trentemøller from Copenhagen, Denmark. From what I gathered, after reading a few reviews, he has been honing his craft since 1997. Anders took a break for a couple of years but has since returned to an enormous reception. All you have to do is visit the Trentemøller MySpace page and look at the number of page views and song plays to understand the scope of this success. While you are there, check out 3 more songs from his debut full length CD titled The Last Resort which was released on Poker Flat Recordings earlier this month (10/6). Besides the song featured here and the three on his page, there is yet another song from the new CD playing on my very own 4casey4 MySpace at the moment. There is also a good video review on the Poker Flat website but it made me laugh since the guy doing it seemed like one of our cheesy American reality TV personalities. Anyway, take some time to fall into this track. At around the 2 and a half minute mark of this 7:44 song it really takes off. This is highly recommended.

MP3: Take Me Into Your Skin

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Roland said...

Mmm, I've gotten into him lately. He also did remixes for fellow Nords Röyksopp and The Knife, which are worth checking out. Also, there's an "ø," not an "o," in his name. Very nice pick.

Keep up the good work.