Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Tranzmitors

I always say the write ups here will be short when I have less important matters to attend to, but this one will actually be shorter than my usual 14 connected paragraphs. Michelle arrived all the way from London today and we are going to do some late night beer induced grocery shopping for her 3 + week stay. Just a heads up that music will not be changed at midnight as usual. It will be sporadic at best but always a daily thing for you to check out. In other words... gotta hang with my girly while I can. That said, today's band is one I knew I was going to feature after only a couple of listens. They list some Brit-Pop (mod-ish punk) influences and it's not hard to hear within the general flavor of their music. They really don't sound like any of those 70s bands which is probably for the best. I am hearing more of an early 80s interpretation (which is not a backhanded statement at all.)

When you visit Vancouver, BC, Canada artists The Tranzmitors MySpace, you will hear some more good energetic tracks. There isn't an official website, but from the La-Ti-Da Record Label I read that there will be a re-pressed 7 inch single from the band very soon. There is also an active La-Ti-Da Myspace page for more good stuff. I truly wish there was more detailed information for this band. The music is wonderfully addictive and if there ever happens to be a sequel or re-make of the 80s-tastic movie Valley Girl, these guys need to be on the soundtrack. For some strange reason, the chorus of today's featured song also feels familiar to Dag Nasty's track Staring at The Rude Boys from the 1988 release Field Day. Please don't throw shit at me... I loved that album.

MP3: Dancing In The Front Row


Simon said...

The Dag Nasty song you mention here was indeed a cover of a song originally by late '70's/early '80's UK punk outfit the Ruts, so the similarity really isn't so surprising.

Ian Peel said...

Ian Peel here from Stiff Records - we have just signed The Tranzmitors for a new album. Would you like me to post you a review copy? Please email me -