Tuesday, October 03, 2006


After Sunday evening rolled into Monday with the weekly classic, I might even be able to detect the scent of incense one might encounter at a local head shop. In order to clear that out and move forward into normal business, I found an energetic indie rock song that might even be danceable by some standards. What might be immediately noticeable is the percussion and relentless pounding of the snare drum. It's a sound that gave me the feeling of an outdoor festival I can almost picture. It was easy to tell this would be a good live performance experience. After reading a few reviews, I shuddered at some of the comparisons made to currently overplayed major label bands. Instead, I heard something in this music I can only liken to early XTC while the vocals also bring to mind later Pere Ubu. For some strange reason 80s-tastic Oingo Boingo (if they had been from Boston) came to mind but that might just be a personal problem I need to address once someone forcibly removes the aluminum foil helmet from my head. Speaking of vocals, this is a great example of how to build tension in an off-kilter tone that settles at the end of each verse and chorus. Very nice!

is the indie rock quartet of Khaled Saibi (vocals/guitar), Peter Valtersson (guitar), Dan Holmgren (bass) and Adam Petersson (drums) from Gothenburg, Sweden. I know... I forgot to feature a Swedish band last week but this could probably make up for a few weeks don't you think? The band is a complete DIY operation and has a 5 song 2006 demo titled Hallelujah Moment. If you visit the Backslick Website it is available for purchase and also completely free to download. They also have a self titled demo 7 inch and t-shirts. The Backslick MySpace Page was a surprise to me since they don't have a 100 billion friends. There is more to listen to there and add them to your friends also! The next scheduled live performance will be November 29 at Nalen in Stockholm. After checking that venue I noticed that previous (July) MML/group feature Hello Saferide will be there this Friday. I really need to spend a few weeks on vacation in Sweden. So much good music. Cheers!

MP3: Down The Streets of Paris

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