Friday, October 06, 2006

Sinks of Gandy

This entire work week has been an ongoing indie rock feature-fest here and in the MySpace group, so I might as well wind things up closer to home in the Ohio Valley region with yet another good guitar driven track. I usually try to mix things up a bit more but since Michelle is arriving for her extended month long stay next Tuesday, my brain is a scrambled mess of "what to clean next?" and "where do I hide my porn?" (joking...kinda.) Anyway, I think this is another first for the group/blog where geography is concerned. If any of you have driven through or spent any amount of time in West Virginia you know how beautiful it is (besides Parkersburg). This is the first band we've featured from WV and the following is an extended quote from the official bio regarding the band name:

"Deep in the heart of West Virginia's Appalachian Mountains and Monongahela National Forest lies Gandy Creek. While the many storied accounts from the time differ on the particulars, one thing remains certain...thousands of years ago acid rain chewed its way through Gandy Creek’s limestone to form a deep, dark, ravenous cavern. The entire area drained in the subsurface as the limestone dissolved and caves developed. The area up stream collapsed and became a giant sinkhole. Mysteriously, the downstream flow of Gandy now disappears into a hillside and reappears nearly a mile out the other side. The area where the stream goes underground must have been more resistant and survives to this day. Despite the tragic collapse where bison once grazed, the Gandy area is now quite picturesque, which may explain why WV native Russ Fox finds himself returning there frequently to collect his thoughts. Maybe introspection is the perfect medicine for the studio owner and musician. Luckily for us, not all of his musings were lost to the hills"

Sinks Of Gandy are the duo Russ Fox and Matt Gingerich from Huntington, West Virginia. This duo, along with several friends and notable Flagstaff, Arizona musician Stewart Anderson of Boyracer, recorded the current LP today's featured song belongs to. TRUST = DAMAGE is a 9 song CD that was released over the summer and is now available on the very cool Tiberius Records label for $10 USD. There is also a Tiberius myspace page to visit where more good sounds/bands can be found. The Sinks of Gandy website only has links on a single page for now so you will need to check out the Sinks of Gandy Myspace for this along with 2 additional songs. I was kind of disappointed with some of the comparisons made regarding this band in the reviews I read. I didn't hear Dinosaur Jr. or Superchunk at all... so here is my ridiculous submission. Arcwelder (circa 1993 release PULL) and semi-recent Guided By Voices. Before I forget and have to edit this again, there is also a really nice YouTube video of the song Pressing Scars On You to view...

Great stuff to start off the weekend for sure!

MP3: Thought We'd Start

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Anonymous said...

not sure the distortion helps his singing...but the instrumental music is interesting as are the landmarks in the video (htg native)