Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Strocters

If you haven't had the chance to browse through the countless bands that are members of our MySpace group, you really should do sometime if you have a few extra moments. I check it every other day and run into new gems to feature all of the time. Today's artists were a very good find here, but I had some reservations since the language is so abusive. After Michelle and I both had simultaneous and continuous laughing fits at this particular song there was no way to deny this band a feature spot. This is great indie garage rock with a good sense of humor to match. You are probably not even reading this during the first listen, which makes it even more of an amusing surprise once the the band threatens a swift kick to the mushroom. The lyrics of this song are unintentionally adorable and wonderfully cruel at the same time.

The Strocters
clock in as an 8 piece band which is almost unheard of for the garage rock genre. They are from Aarhus, Denmark and the following would be a "who does what" type lineup for you...

Sofie Christensen: Vocals
Rasmus Kjær: Vocals
Morten Bonde: Guitar
Anders Bækgård: Guitar
Rune Kristensen: Guitar
Jeppe Lindgren: Guitar
Jens Bach Laursen: Bass
Søren Mehlsen: Drums

I'll have to admit almost complete ignorance here, but found some things about the band after a few searches on the internet. There is an annual music concert sponsored by the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. The Strocters performed at this year's event which was held April 8th and referred to as RAMA06. The bottom two pictures here are from that multi-stage concert. There are more festival pictures to view on the Jan Chrillesen photo page. Since the band is unsigned and does not have a website, the only other link I can give you is The Strocters MySpace Page. There are 2 more similar songs to download there and also be sure to add them as a MySpace friend while you are at it. If I had no choice but to get an ass kicking from an 8 member rock band from Denmark.... The Strocters could have the job for sure.

MP3: Here Come The Strocters

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