Friday, October 20, 2006

Oxford Collapse

Before I even start typing some sort of writeup for this band, I have to ask if any of you are you listening to the bass line of this song??? I am a bass player and have to say that this is insane good!! Listen closely. As I mentioned before I have family in town from overseas and will only be able to give a brief account of the musicians that we decide to feature. I figured we'd stay in Brooklyn, New York for another day to bring you the best rock song I've heard all week. It's not often that a band can keep the same vocal tone (male) throughout the entirety of a song and maintain my interest all the way through. These guys did it for sure. I usually play the best rock stuff I can find on Fridays and only hope you find this to be a good addition to the list. (Michelle says It's "a fucking excellent song" also.)

Oxford Collapse
is not the name of some GBV song you can't remember enough to shout at the moon when wasted on cans of beer. Instead, it is the name of a wonderfully insane power trio from NYC that formed into an official band in 2002. Of course there is an Oxford Collapse MySpace page where you can hear more music and add on as a friend. There is also the band website where you can get tour/news updates. Their newest full length EP titled Remember The Night Parties was released on October 10th and is available from none other than Sub Pop records.

MP3: Please Visit Your National Parks

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