Saturday, October 28, 2006

Goodbye To The Music Hosting Site From HELL...

If you visit MP3 blogs to find new music you might have noticed in the past 24 to 48 hours that plenty of the music files are slow or do not work at all. There are quite a few bloggers that use the hosting site EZArchive. For the past year, we have wrestled with the random yet constant server downtime and all around poor performance of this (our) hosting site while brushing it off as a minor inconvenience. Recently, customers were informed that there would be an upgrade coming and that we should expect great new things. These are the great new things: a) Lower audio quality that rivals the muddy sound of the myspace music player (it's actually worse). b) In an attempt to control bandwidth, we can only guess, they have switched over to the evil flash player. I still cannot figure out how to get a raw mp3 file URL for anything we've uploaded. In short, EZArchive fucked us midway through a contract and we are not happy. Instead of giving up or "dealing with it" we have decided to change to our own hosting site in order to keep the audio quality and reliability where it should be. This will take a few days of us trying to figure out this new service we signed up for.

Just in case you hadn't wondered... This is our music pit complete with my daughter's addition of cool keyboards...

Please excuse the lack of daily updates for the next couple of days. After almost a year of doing the MySpace group and this blog, we have somewhere around 300 to 350 music files that need to be transferred to our new host. All songs will be available once again in a few days. In the meantime, good friend Dean Tomihira is doing us a great favor in letting us stream his band's music. We originally featured Tomihira's 2006 release Play Dead in March and once again with an amazing cover of New Order's Mr. Disco in May. If you visit the Tomihira website you can purchase the Play for a mere $5 USD!! The entire release is exceptional and will be a part of the MML Best of 2006 review in late December. Also visit the Tomihira MySpace page for more songs from this San Francisco, California based musician. The Listening Room group and blog will be back up and running as usual at some point very early next week. Thank you for your patience. The new hosting site was highly recommended by a friend and looks promising. Have a good weekend.

Tomihira & Co.

Michelle had to fly in from London to sort the mess I created. She likes American beer.

MP3: World Class

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