Thursday, October 19, 2006

Low Lustre

Today I will need to cut to the chase with the writeup since I have company in town along with an extreme food coma from last night's dinner. I do these reviews at the end of the night and when the evening involves big late dinners with drinks you can probably imagine my zest in doing this. Before I fall asleep I will tell you that Low Lustre is the indie rock quartet of Nate Borgen (vocals/guitar), Matt Lein (bass), Mark Rode (drums) and Dan Haselbauer (Keyboards). The band is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota but as of September 1st of this year call Brooklyn, New York home. In some of the reviews I read, Low Lustre was compared to U2 but I don't hear it much at all. If I did, they wouldn't be featured here today. Instead, what comes to mind are classic artists from the Twin Cities such as The Placemats. You can hear the regional influence easily. Check the Low Lustre MySpace page for 3 more really good songs. These tracks are from their self (un) titled EP that was released a few months ago. The 6 song EP is available only through the Low Lustre website for $6 + s/h USD. I was surprised when I looked to find that Low Lustre is currently unsigned. Good stuff.

MP3: Dancing Blind

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