Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gertie Fox

Nope, this isn't a cover of the 80s-tastic David Bowie song Modern Love. Instead, this is a really good young band from Southern California that seems to be a DIY outfit from the ground up. This might be a surprise since these artists list their location as Hollywood. If I've learned anything from doing this music blog/group, it would be that not all musicians from the coastal metropoli are inherently void of substance or created by monied third parties for mass consumption. In a refreshing turn of events, the corporate wolves (coincidence?) in Indie label clothing have decided to pursue a new breed of purposefully unassuming bands from small towns in an effort to market the unmarketable bland folk shite we are subjected to these days. I'm just waiting (hoping) for a new book that will falsely define a new generation in these terms. May I suggest the title "The Year Folk Rock Broke." The McDonald's commercials that are sure to follow in coat-tail effect fashion will inevitably feature fat teenagers with full beards and trucker's hats and will be highly amusing. Sorry, I got a bit sidetracked there so lets get started with the band o'the day.

Gertie Fox
is the indie rock quartet of Todd Calvert, Ian Capilouto, Joseph Eugene Martin III and Matthew Molchany from Los Angeles, California. If you visit the Gertie Fox MySpace Page you will find more equally good downloadable songs and a simple, informative and to-the-point bio that doesn't attempt to describe the band as some sort of catastrophic ecstasy trip. Since GF is unsigned (not for long) you will need to go to their MySpace Blog to buy merchandise and music directly from the band. There is also a well designed Gertie Fox website for a ton of music to download. The folks at Fanatic Promotion are lending a hand also and have today's featured song on the Fanatic MySpace Page. I didn't realize Pure Volume still existed but it seems GF has a band profile there as well. Finally, there is a YouTube video of GF during a live performance at the Old Towne Pub performing "The Great Indoors"...

MP3: Modern Love

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