Monday, October 23, 2006

For Those Who Know

Now that all of the weekend family obligations are complete, I can move back into somewhat of a normal regimen of music searching for the blog/group page. I've not-so-recently abandoned my penchant for featuring bands that would fall into the shoegaze category for a couple of reasons. First off, for every good band I find there are at least 50 awful ones. Sometimes the music is just dreamy and/or swirling with that signature droning guitar sound... and then the vocals kick in and ruin the entire thing. In many cases, instead of working within the wall of sound, male vocalists make the unfortunate attempt to showcase talent that might be better suited for an evening of karaoke. Other times, it seems that anything with the slightest 80s feel is classified under the nouveau shoegaze banner (no guitars required). In the case of today's feature, there is nothing for me to whine about at all. In fact, this might just be one of the better examples I've heard when it comes to interpreting the classic early 90s sound. After listening to the band's EP, I had the almost impossible task of figuring out which track to feature since all songs were wonderful. You can hear and download all of the songs also... I'll explain below.

For Those Who Know
are an indie rock trio from Austin, Texas. From reading just a bit, I gathered that band members Stephen Hablinski, Rick Vehslage and James Vehslage started creating this brand of music in 2003. Your first visit should be to the For Those Who Know MySpace page where you can download the band's entire 2005 self titled EP free for a very limited time. This 7 song beauty (in my estimation) was originally released through Christmas Mountain Records last year and is now available for $8 + $2 shipping surcharge (USD) through Peek-A-Boo Records. Also check out the For Those Who Know website for everything else. There is even a YouTube video of this very song that is a live performance with the studio version as audio. It's not a perfect match but enjoyable and might give you an idea of their live act.

Great stuff from yet another good find from Austin. Enjoy!

MP3: Night At The Dance Club

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