Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rob(ert) Newman and the Hosting Site From Hell

No, that's not an award-winningly crap band name (although it could be - if you're on the lookout for an award-winningly crap band name, do feel free to use that one), it's just as good a title as any given that:

a) Our hosting site (EZArchive, I'm talking to you) is not working, yet again. Apparently this latest downtime is due to some 'improvements' that they're putting into place. Ho hum. We just wanted to let you know that, due to the current not-workingness of said site, you may well find you're unable to listen to, or download, any of the songs featured on here. As ever, keep checking back - the site has never been down for long in the past - and you can of course find plenty to listen to (as well as download, in most cases) on the artists' MySpace pages and websites, all of which you'll find links to here!

b) YouTube, on the other hand, *is* working, and I've been indulging in a nostalgic trip back to the early '90s and watching a load of old clips from The Mary Whitehouse Experience. For any non-Brits out there, or people who are Just Too Young To Remember, TMWE was an utterly classic comedy show that (criminally, in my opinion), has NEVER been repeated by the BBC. Never. Not once. And not made available on video/DVD, either. Bastards.

But anyway, whether you remember it or not, I'll leave you with a clip from the aforementioned show, in which Rob Newman (object of a rather massive teenage crush of mine...) demonstrates just why the Cure and 'happy songs' don't mix...

... complete with Edward Colander-Hands (don't ask) in the crowd.

I'll leave you to enjoy (?) that - I'm off to tackle the mammoth task of packing for my three-and-a-bit-week long stay with Casey. Like I said, keep checking back - as ever, the songs won't be down for long.

Happy Weekend, people...

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