Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ok, let's try this again to start things off. I featured this band last Friday as our technical difficulties began... but things are back on track now for sure. Below is the original writeup and links. Be sure to check the YouTube video for this song. Very entertaining.


There are quite a few more new people here so I just wanted to remind that Fridays, when possible, are reserved for straight up indie rock. Sometimes it's wonderfully reckless while in other instances it is just plain ridiculous. In the case of today's featured track, we have a demo that ended up on a full length release earlier this year. The band lists New Order among their influences so I am lead to wonder if this song "Regular Love Triangle" is a word play on the NO classic "Bizarre Love Triangle." I wouldn't have noticed had Michelle not brought to my attention that another song, "Julian Castle Agrees With Newt That Everything is Meaningless", contained some lyrics that might also bring a strong sense of New Order to mind. That comparison easily ends there since this is, in stark contrast, some in your face guitar rock. Around 3/4 of the way through this song a guitar solo kicks in that can only be likened to what might have happened if Black Flag's Greg Ginn had been the guitarist for Dinosaur Jr. Don't laugh... as chaotic as that sounds it is a welcome sound for the ears to digest. I like this band a lot.

is a four piece rock band consisting of Mike Moroboshi (guitar/vocals), Matt Keegan (guitar), Bob Vielma (bass) and Jon Jing Fu (drums) from San Jose, California. I'm not sure when the band was formed but the first of several demo EPs was released in 2003. According to the Shinobu MySpace page, the song featured here today is actually a demo as I mentioned above. It is also included on the track listing of their September 2006 release Worstward, Ho! which is available on both Asian Man Records and Phat N' Phunky. If you visit the Shinobu website you will find that the band is all about fun in a tongue-in-cheek kinda way. Drummer Jon even has a Hot-or-Not page. Finally there is a YouTube video for you to enjoy.

If the above picture is any indication, this band is equally interested in throwing themselves around on stage as they are playing the music. Might make for an entertaining live set to check out.

MP3: Regular Love Triangle

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Jon Fu taught me everything I know about women...