Wednesday, October 25, 2006


And now for something completely different. I've been lax in visiting some of my favorite music blogs so it was time to go MP3 hunting. After cruising around a few blogs I've had saved on favorites for a while and not finding anything that wasn't there the last time I visited, I decided to drink beer. Around 5 Pabst Blue Ribbons (I know it's trendy) later, and a half tub of Kalamata olives, I found myself on Swedesplease staring through my computer monitor as today's wonderfully unique feature made it's way into my ears. The vocals had me smitten almost immediately as the light distressed strings danced around them. This song has a very old soul that can sing to anyone if given a warm chance. I'll save my ridiculous comparisons for another day and simply let you take this one in....

(that's the way they spell it) are a group of six musicians that are part of various bands within the Stockholm, Sweden music scene. China Yggström (lead vocals), Calle Jensfelt (keyboards), Johannes Borgström (bass, vocals), Jonatan Jahn (drums, percussion), Teodor Borgström (guitars, vocals) and Victor Hvidfeldt (guitars, vocals) have been described as a "supergroup" of sorts but I really hate that term and am now wondering why I even mentioned it. There is no official website I could find so you will need to visit the Buckaneers MySpace page where you will find more music to hear and download. The songs there are much more in line with folk or alternative country but in a really nice way. There is no released material to buy that I am aware of, but that might change very soon if they continue putting out great music like today's featured track.

MP3: Cold Morning

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