Wednesday, October 04, 2006

120 Days

Things have grown just a bit around here. I've recently received quite a few CDs in the post after finally figuring out that music labels along with independent artists email us requesting that we check out their music. It really is kinda cool to see a big brown envelope in my mailbox when I return from work at the end of the day. It might sound cheesy to you, but yes I think we might actually have a legitimate music blog on our hands now! I listen to every song that is sent and today's feature is a good one. After figuring out that my daughter hooked her PS2 up to the TV and unplugged the home theater, I decided not to mess with the wires to hear this CD. Instead, I went out to the car (with a beer) and listened there. Since the logo we use is actually a picture of my Mazda3 dashboard lights I felt like I was in the group while listening. Most of the music I heard was highly radio friendly with hints of MBV and/or Jesus & the Mary Chain. Towards the end of the track, the vocals almost start to ramble as if Thurston Moore were in charge. The only downside I can hear is when the vocals reach the highest end and sound disturbingly similar to U2 front man Bono. Besides that, I am sold on the hype surrounding this band.

The experimental rock quartet of Ådne Meisfjord (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Kjetil Ovesen (synthesizers), Arne Stöy Kvalvik (drums, effects) Jonas Dahl (bass) originally formed as 120 Days in their hometown of Kristiansund, Norway in 2001. They soon moved to Oslo (in a trailer) to be closer to the expansive music scene there and it was a good decision as you can probably hear right now. The band's debut full length CD was recorded earlier this year at Crystal Canyon Studios and was released 2 days ago in Norway through the regional Smalltown Supersound label. There is also a Smalltown Supersound Myspace for more good music to check out. Here in the US you will be able to get your hands on this CD next Tuesday, October 10th through the kind folks at Vice Records. Before I forget, you should also visit the 120 Days MySpace to hear and download more while you still can. This might get really big.

MP3: Get Away

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