Thursday, January 29, 2009


Early 2009 is already proving to be an exciting time for new music and, on the off chance additional convincing was needed, we bring you yet another outstanding band with an upcoming release for preview. Coupleskate is an indie rock quartet consisting of long-time musicians Andrea 'dre' Bauer (guitar, vocals), Laura Watral (keys, guitar, vocals), Lauren Viera (bass) and Martha Williams (drums) from Chicago, Illinois. Original bandmates Andrea and Laura began creating music together in 2002 and have since enlisted a new rhythm section to complete the current lineup. The result of their most recent collective effort is an impressive debut in the form of a full-length album, titled Don't Scare The Horses, which is set for a release date of February 13, 2009. While listening to this new offering entirely, we discovered a solid collection of songs flavoured, but never smothered, by the band's classic indie-rock influences. There are plenty of flattering comparisons that could be made, however, the sound is decidedly and quite delightfully Coupleskate's own. For more music and information, a visit to the Coupleskate website should be your first stop. There is additional music to be found at the Coupleskate MySpace page and we should probably tell you that the CD release party will take place that same Friday, February 13 at local Chicago venue The Empty Bottle. Don't Scare The Horses is a definite favourite new listen... and we have the lead track for you. Enjoy.

MP3: Laws Of Physics

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Half Sisters

For those who have skipped ahead in order to listen to the music, please try not to be alarmed when we inform you that today's featured musicians are not residents of Malmö or Stockholm. Instead, what we have on our hands is the young and completely adorable folk trio of Isadora (ukulele, vocals, sister), Freya-Rose (flute, vocals, accordian, sister) and Fifi (drums, vocals, half-sister) who make up The Half Sisters from Brighton, UK. Although they have only been writing and performing this music together since 2008, a highly infectious handful of recent recordings can be found on The Half Sisters MySpace page. While the sound might easily be ready for a label and the exposure such an endeavor could bring, we have an overwhelming feeling this minimal three piece would be equally content in busking any given side-street of their hometown. The next live performance, aside from various late night curb sessions, will take place at local Brighton venue Hector's House on January 29. Take a few moments to listen to what has us smitten... just lovely.

MP3: Come On Loui

Sunday, January 18, 2009


L-R: Gummo, Nan, Matt.

So we've spent an entire week neglecting our precious little music blog while also attempting to weather the sub-zero temperatures that have fallen upon southwestern Ohio in recent days. During this frozen lull in MML action, an upcoming CD along with a nice note were received in the post and we now have some outstanding/ear-warming music to share with you. Our original feature of Schwervon! took place almost two and a half years ago in August 2006 with a follow up as part of our Celebrating The Duo compilation in late 2007. Since that time, the band has come up with a brand new offering that will be released next month, but before getting into any of the details, a first listen is most definitely in order...

MP3: Pretty Slow

Schwervon! is the lovely two-piece of Nan Turner (vocals, drums, keys) and Matt Roth (vocals, guitar) from New York City, New York who, aside from being a long-time couple (not forgetting Gummo the cat), have been a continuous music project since 1999. The latest full length album, titled Low Blow, has recently been completed and is set to be released through the band's own label Olive Juice Music (OJ MySpace) on February 6, 2009. After having a preview of the new album, we have to be forthcoming in admitting that any given track included within the 13 songs that make up Low Blow could have easily been featured as a highlight here today. With that in mind, another random preview is ready for the ears...

MP3: Wake And Bomb

Low Blow is the perfect study on how to avoid the experimental bells and whistles, over-used by plenty of indie bands, in order to present a simple and highly effective rock record. Various classic influences can be found threaded heavily into some of the music, however, there is not a single moment where the balance shifts away from Nan and Matt's collective flavour. Not many bands can claim such a feat. For more new music and information, a Schwervon! website as well as a Schwervon! MySpace page both exist for your convenience. The Low Blow CD release party will take place at local NYC venue Cake Shop on February 6.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Give us a dozy Sunday afternoon to lounge about, licking all sorts of wounds, and we will find a way to conjure up some amazingly listenable music... this time from the Pacific Northwest. Sound like a deal? Levator is primarily the indie rock music project of Seattle, Washington based multi-instrumentalist Sky Lynn (vocals, guitar, effects, synth) who originally began making music under this particular moniker in 2003. After enlisting the assistance of local musicians Nate Henry (tenor saxophone, effects, keyboards) and Rando Skrasek (drums, effects, synth) along the way, this now trio has a third full length album, titled The Biggest Waves Come At Night, completed and set for self-release on January 27. As if Sky's commanding and remarkably beautiful vocals were not enough to convince even the most brutal critic in the house, healthy portions of saxophone accompaniment provide a welcome journey back into the crackle and hiss of most any listener's distant memory of The Psychedelic Furs earliest catalogue. Have a first listen...

MP3: Mocking Bird

The Biggest Waves Come At Night is an outstanding new collection of songs we can easily recommend; for Seattle locals, we'd also suggest a trip to the Sunset Tavern for the CD release party on January 30. For more of this music as well as a few videos, a visit to the Levator MySpace page should be your first stop. There is also an official Levator website for additional information on purchasing the music and a Ministry Of Truth blog for all the latest news and some insight. Another new track for you... sooo good.

MP3: Bruises

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sorting the Shoe(gaze) Cupboard - Vol. 2

It really is difficult to believe that almost a year and eight months have passed since our original May 2007 compilation titled "Sorting the Shoe(gaze) Cupboard" was posted. Even with all of the amazing bands and collections we have featured since, that specific entry remains the most visited (and hopefully enjoyed) on our MML blog to this day. Now it is time for more... much more. The artists featured today are listed in no particular order and each maintain their own unique sound while also celebrating a time tested style of music we will continue to lovingly refer to as Shoegaze. Please enjoy our latest installment/quick reference guide and be sure to support all of these outstanding musicians by visiting the links provided. Wall of sound, anyone?

Hate Everything You Hate

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Audioleaf & MySpace
MP3: Kisses Bloomed (demo)

Muscle Snog

Location: Shanghai, China
Neocha & MySpace
MP3: Mind Shop Is On Sale

Panda Riot

Location: Philadelphia, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Like Flowers

The Vera Violets

Location: Tampa, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: In The Sun

Heroes Of Switzerland

Location: Nottingham, UK
Website & MySpace
MP3: Wonderland


Location: Chicago, USA
MP3: Winter
MP3: As You Leave


Location: Brooklyn, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Nowhere

Dead Leaf Echo

Location: New York City, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Pale Fire

Phillip Eno

Location: New York City, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Holiday On The Moon

28 Degrees Taurus

Location: Boston, USA
Sonicbids & MySpace
MP3: Low Light

Honey Thief

Location: Austin/San Antonio, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: 7th Fold

Disco Ditto

Location: Singapore
AMP & MySpace
MP3: Drift (Live)

My First Days On Junk

Location: Vermont, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Try Hard

The Beijing Tangs

Location: Arizona, USA
MP3: Empty

Summer Jets

Location: Bedfordshire, UK
MySpace & Secondary MySpace
MP3: 50 Reasons

Vidulgi OoyoO

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Cyworld & MySpace
MP3: Seeing Me Through Your Eyes

Satin Gum

Location: Pittsburgh, USA
MP3: No, We Are Not Naming Our Kids After IKEA Products


Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
AMP Profile & MySpace
MP3: Ceiling Blossom


Location: New York City, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Nothing Left To Avoid

Bliss City East

Location: Chicago, USA
MP3: Need Another (demo)
MP3: Sun Is Cold (demo)

Sunday, January 04, 2009


While the better part of December was spent giving a taste of things to come in the New Year, some reflection on 2008 is definitely in order with today's featured artist. Kingsbury is the indie rock quartet of Bruce Reed (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Mark Freeman (bass), T.J. Burke (drums, programming) and Samantha Christine (guitar) from Orlando, Florida. The band's catalogue includes a pair of previous EPs, a full length 2007 release in The Great Compromise and, as the most recent addition, a new late-2008 EP titled Lie To Me. From the opening of any given track that belongs to Lie To Me, a subtle undercurrent of early Shriekback takes shape, only to be replaced by an overwhelming salute to The Afghan Whigs once guitars and energy are given a chance to build a healthy momentum. There is a Kingsbury MySpace page as well as a new Kingsbury blog, but your first visit should be to the official Kingsbury website where all of the recorded music can be found and downloaded completely free. For listening purposes, we highly recommend a dimly-lit room, stiffer-than-usual cocktails and maximum volume for your computer speakers in order to make vivid mental images of a young Greg Dulli pulling chords while a cigarette dangles from his lips. If there were a category for sexy male vocals on this blog, MML editor Michelle would certainly have a nomination in hand for Mr. Bruce Reed.

MP3: Lie To Me
MP3: Holy War

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Sky Drops: A Gift for the New Year!

In preparation for their upcoming full length 2009 release, set to be titled Bourgeois Beat, the Wilmington, Delaware duo of long-time garage rock/shoegaze frontman Rob Montejo (guitar, vocals) and Monika Bullette (drums, vocals) have kindly decided to make their 2006 debut EP Clouds Of People completely free for download. We first featured The Sky Drops back in May 2006 with a follow up in April 2007 and can honestly tell you, if cornered into discussing such things, that this EP easily tops our list of favourite releases over the course of the past five years. The songs are available if you visit The Sky Drops website, and there is plenty of additional information on The Sky Drops MySpace page. We are only posting a pair of tracks from the Clouds Of People EP that seem to have been mostly overlooked by critical types and will spare everyone our extended banter for the upcoming full length debut Bourgeois Beat. Enjoy these songs and seriously, for those who are not familiar, you absolutely must go download or at least listen to the rest right here. As good as it gets...

MP3: You Don't Crawl
MP3: The Go Go Go