Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Sky Drops: A Gift for the New Year!

In preparation for their upcoming full length 2009 release, set to be titled Bourgeois Beat, the Wilmington, Delaware duo of long-time garage rock/shoegaze frontman Rob Montejo (guitar, vocals) and Monika Bullette (drums, vocals) have kindly decided to make their 2006 debut EP Clouds Of People completely free for download. We first featured The Sky Drops back in May 2006 with a follow up in April 2007 and can honestly tell you, if cornered into discussing such things, that this EP easily tops our list of favourite releases over the course of the past five years. The songs are available if you visit The Sky Drops website, and there is plenty of additional information on The Sky Drops MySpace page. We are only posting a pair of tracks from the Clouds Of People EP that seem to have been mostly overlooked by critical types and will spare everyone our extended banter for the upcoming full length debut Bourgeois Beat. Enjoy these songs and seriously, for those who are not familiar, you absolutely must go download or at least listen to the rest right here. As good as it gets...

MP3: You Don't Crawl
MP3: The Go Go Go

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pplist said...

Total agreement. The Sky Drops are tops.