Sunday, January 11, 2009


Give us a dozy Sunday afternoon to lounge about, licking all sorts of wounds, and we will find a way to conjure up some amazingly listenable music... this time from the Pacific Northwest. Sound like a deal? Levator is primarily the indie rock music project of Seattle, Washington based multi-instrumentalist Sky Lynn (vocals, guitar, effects, synth) who originally began making music under this particular moniker in 2003. After enlisting the assistance of local musicians Nate Henry (tenor saxophone, effects, keyboards) and Rando Skrasek (drums, effects, synth) along the way, this now trio has a third full length album, titled The Biggest Waves Come At Night, completed and set for self-release on January 27. As if Sky's commanding and remarkably beautiful vocals were not enough to convince even the most brutal critic in the house, healthy portions of saxophone accompaniment provide a welcome journey back into the crackle and hiss of most any listener's distant memory of The Psychedelic Furs earliest catalogue. Have a first listen...

MP3: Mocking Bird

The Biggest Waves Come At Night is an outstanding new collection of songs we can easily recommend; for Seattle locals, we'd also suggest a trip to the Sunset Tavern for the CD release party on January 30. For more of this music as well as a few videos, a visit to the Levator MySpace page should be your first stop. There is also an official Levator website for additional information on purchasing the music and a Ministry Of Truth blog for all the latest news and some insight. Another new track for you... sooo good.

MP3: Bruises

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