Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sorting the Shoe(gaze) Cupboard - Vol. 2

It really is difficult to believe that almost a year and eight months have passed since our original May 2007 compilation titled "Sorting the Shoe(gaze) Cupboard" was posted. Even with all of the amazing bands and collections we have featured since, that specific entry remains the most visited (and hopefully enjoyed) on our MML blog to this day. Now it is time for more... much more. The artists featured today are listed in no particular order and each maintain their own unique sound while also celebrating a time tested style of music we will continue to lovingly refer to as Shoegaze. Please enjoy our latest installment/quick reference guide and be sure to support all of these outstanding musicians by visiting the links provided. Wall of sound, anyone?

Hate Everything You Hate

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Audioleaf & MySpace
MP3: Kisses Bloomed (demo)

Muscle Snog

Location: Shanghai, China
Neocha & MySpace
MP3: Mind Shop Is On Sale

Panda Riot

Location: Philadelphia, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Like Flowers

The Vera Violets

Location: Tampa, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: In The Sun

Heroes Of Switzerland

Location: Nottingham, UK
Website & MySpace
MP3: Wonderland


Location: Chicago, USA
MP3: Winter
MP3: As You Leave


Location: Brooklyn, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Nowhere

Dead Leaf Echo

Location: New York City, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Pale Fire

Phillip Eno

Location: New York City, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Holiday On The Moon

28 Degrees Taurus

Location: Boston, USA
Sonicbids & MySpace
MP3: Low Light

Honey Thief

Location: Austin/San Antonio, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: 7th Fold

Disco Ditto

Location: Singapore
AMP & MySpace
MP3: Drift (Live)

My First Days On Junk

Location: Vermont, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Try Hard

The Beijing Tangs

Location: Arizona, USA
MP3: Empty

Summer Jets

Location: Bedfordshire, UK
MySpace & Secondary MySpace
MP3: 50 Reasons

Vidulgi OoyoO

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Cyworld & MySpace
MP3: Seeing Me Through Your Eyes

Satin Gum

Location: Pittsburgh, USA
MP3: No, We Are Not Naming Our Kids After IKEA Products


Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
AMP Profile & MySpace
MP3: Ceiling Blossom


Location: New York City, USA
Website & MySpace
MP3: Nothing Left To Avoid

Bliss City East

Location: Chicago, USA
MP3: Need Another (demo)
MP3: Sun Is Cold (demo)


Anonymous said...

wonderful bands :)

4casey4 said...

Thank you for commenting and checking things out. It's nice to know this function still works on the blog.