Thursday, January 29, 2009


Early 2009 is already proving to be an exciting time for new music and, on the off chance additional convincing was needed, we bring you yet another outstanding band with an upcoming release for preview. Coupleskate is an indie rock quartet consisting of long-time musicians Andrea 'dre' Bauer (guitar, vocals), Laura Watral (keys, guitar, vocals), Lauren Viera (bass) and Martha Williams (drums) from Chicago, Illinois. Original bandmates Andrea and Laura began creating music together in 2002 and have since enlisted a new rhythm section to complete the current lineup. The result of their most recent collective effort is an impressive debut in the form of a full-length album, titled Don't Scare The Horses, which is set for a release date of February 13, 2009. While listening to this new offering entirely, we discovered a solid collection of songs flavoured, but never smothered, by the band's classic indie-rock influences. There are plenty of flattering comparisons that could be made, however, the sound is decidedly and quite delightfully Coupleskate's own. For more music and information, a visit to the Coupleskate website should be your first stop. There is additional music to be found at the Coupleskate MySpace page and we should probably tell you that the CD release party will take place that same Friday, February 13 at local Chicago venue The Empty Bottle. Don't Scare The Horses is a definite favourite new listen... and we have the lead track for you. Enjoy.

MP3: Laws Of Physics

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