Saturday, February 07, 2009


In order to avoid any confusion that might result from reading the subject line for today's feature, we need to explain that this is not an attempt to peddle any sort of colour-themed social networking community. What we have instead is an incredible listen in the form of an ongoing side-project from the Jacksonville, Florida trio Starring Me (Starring Me MySpace) who we first presented in October 2007. The spin-off endeavor in question has been dubbed Purplespace and it consists of primary contributors John Kathsah (music, vocals), Tara Golden (vocals) and Reed Clendenen (bass, vocals) along with musician friends Emily Erin (vocals), Jim Singleton (drums, synth), Todd Weise (guitar), Mary Stewart (vocals) and Rob Frerman (more beats). The lovely result of this loose collaboration has been a 2006 debut CD in Broken Bells and now the brand new full-length release titled A Tiny Little Spark. After receiving A Tiny Little Spark in the post and having listened repeatedly for the better part of a week, we can easily recommend what should be one of your first music investments of 2009. The sound within any given track floats somewhere between post-shogazers Ride and 80s-tastic classic Book Of Love with an undeniable, yet subtle similarity to Her Space Holiday from beginning to end. Additional music and information can be found and most definitely should be explored on the Purplespace MySpace page. Let's have a first listen to a track from the new release... shall we?

MP3: I Needed You


Anonymous said...

Long Live Purplespace!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this song. Very Nice!!!