Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hirasakana Oyogu

After a brutal start to the week with eye-stressing hours looking through endless spreadsheets at work and some premeditated physical exertion (local disco gym) afterwards, tonight's featured music is a welcomed and rejuvenating sound. Thanks to Royce and Sam at Melbourne, Australia-based world/folk-pop label Brother Sister Records (Bro-Sis MySpace), we have a preview of one of the most recent musical discoveries to grace their lineup. Hirasakana Oyogu is a street musician from Tokyo, Japan who utilizes traditional hand drums to create both regional and international rhythms as well as the ukulele, djembe and flute to add a series of simple yet effective backdrops for his soothing vocalization. The brand new international debut is titled S/T LP and the songs were recorded at different locations around the Japanese countryside. You can find more information about this March 2009 release at the Hirasakana Oyogu label page and there is also (surprisingly enough) a Hirasakana Oyogu MySpace page for your listening pleasure. This is exactly what we needed... goodnight and enjoy.

MP3: A White Car

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