Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Monument

It hardly seems at all like two years-n-change ago since we first featured a Swedish band known as Backslick in October 2006. We followed up with another update in February 2008 and there is some good news to report as of late. Band members Khaled Saibi (vocals/guitar), Peter Valtersson (guitar), Dan Holmgren (bass) and Adam Petersson (drums) recently decided to change their collective identity and now this indie rock quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden can be introduced as The Monument. Along with the name change comes a handful of songs that make up a brand new, self-titled debut EP. The sound remains focused on energetic beats and Khaled's off-kilter vocals that continue to float in a lovely place somewhere between classic 80s stylings of frontmen Andy Partridge (XTC) and David Thomas (Pere Ubu). Additional information can be found if you visit The Monument MySpace page and the debut EP can be heard/purchased through The Monument website. Please do yourself a favour and have a listen to the lead track...

MP3: Journey To Joy

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