Thursday, February 19, 2009


We've been receiving an extraordinary amount of great new music via email directly from artists that have checked out our little MML-world, but have unfortunately been neglectful in enjoying it away from the computer instead of sharing with our regular visitors. Can you imagine? This all changes tonight as we get back to business in bringing you an impressive solo musician to take in. Christopher Mollineaux Carson is a traditional instrumentalist as well as an established purveyor of experimental electronica who has roots in both the North/South Carolina cities of Chapel Hill and Charleston. After seasoning himself as a songwriter and drummer for several music projects over the years, Mr. Carson now resides in Brooklyn, New York where his main focus, aside from short film scores and commercial television editing duties, is his solo music endeavor simply known as Throcke. Chris has a brand new, full-length collection of songs, titled Sometimes Not Unpointful, that were just self-released and that we are fortunate enough to have been listening to for the better part of this past week. The tracks contained within this new gem are an inspiring balance of conventional implements, original field-recorded samples and a series of downright bounce-tastic electronic beats we can recommend without a single caution.

This is where it gets good. The entire new release Sometimes Not Unpointful is currently available as a free download (for a limited time, of course) for those who visit the Throcke website. While spending time there, you will find a ton of additional music from previous releases and some more detailed bio/contact information. For those like our outdated e-selves who refuse to completely give up on a certain social networking standby for music exploration, there is also a Throcke MySpace page to check out... enjoy.

MP3: Starry
MP3: Yes, Inform

**Bonus** From the Throcke debut CD Advance Longing:

MP3: The Un-answerable

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