Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Gary: El Camino EP

Much like our experience during the first few months of last year, ongoing searches and listening for new music to send 2011 swimming along finds us sorting through a number of incredibly good EP releases to fawn over. For those who could use a healthy dose of past-minded garage rock n' roll, perfectly suited for conquering the new day, we have a serious treat to share this time around. The Gary, an oddly-named Austin, Texas based trio consisting of musicians Dave Norwood (bass, vocals), Paul Warner (drums) and Trey Pool (guitar), first assembled as a unit to begin ratcheting up their sound in 2008. After a debut 2009 EP introduction, titled Chub, and downright chill-raising LP follow up in Logan for 2010, the band makes sure to remind the senses once again with an collection of six new songs belonging to an early 2011 release that deserves every ounce of attention it is currently receiving. Please have a listen before we continue...

MP3: Rope

Recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago by Steve Albini, El Camino EP was released through local Austin label Cedar Fever Records and serves as the latest celebration for a band already well on their way into plenty of personal favourite lists. With a grumbling undercurrent of raw basics that might send purists scurrying through back catalogues of Amphetamine Reptile or Homestead Records for a proper comparison, The Gary manages to surpass many of the classic artists they list as influence. A simple recipe unfolds with each and every song. Thundering drums rolling off the battered lip of a distressed stage, commanding off-kilter vocals and a single guitar to deliver each transition from dank basement to main stage provides us with one of our favourite listens in a long, long while. Upcoming live performances (post-SXSW) will take place next month as the band begins a limited tour through the Midwest and beyond with Martha's Vineyard Ferries, an ongoing side project of Bob Weston and Chris Brokaw. For those already listening and others who might recognize the last two names mentioned, there will be no surprise in discovering our travel plans might just include an April 23 visit to Chicago venue The Hideout for taking in a show.

Listening roundup:

Chub EP (2009)
Logan LP (2010)
El Camino EP (2011)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Silent Sleep: The Scissor Disaster EP

Almost exactly one year ago, in February 2010, we featured the lovely electronic pop of Liverpool, UK collective Hallo... I love You! Since our last mention, contributing multi-instrumentalist Chris McIntosh (also of 28 Costumes and Voo) relocated to Berlin, Germany where he continues to create and record new music under the name Silent Sleep. The debut EP release for his most recent solo project, titled The Scissor Disaster, was just released in late February and serves as the first of three EP offerings to make up an ongoing trilogy for 2011. After having taken in the track You Can Colour Me In from this beautiful new EP, our first instinct was to reach for paint tubes and palette knives, however, we quickly found a window from which to gaze as this sweet and simple acoustic pop song warmed our daydreams. Enjoy a first listen and expect updates on MML as each of the corresponding EP releases are made available in coming months.

MP3: You Can Colour Me In

*Bonus* Video for the song You Can Colour Me In, which was filmed with Chris and friends in Berlin.